'The Place Was Out Of Control': MK Becomes The Second Faithful Banished

The group believed they had found their first Traitor but on Monday night, two more Faithful players were sent packing.

The first banishment couldn't have gone better for the Traitors, with Jack being sent home despite pleading his innocence, and with another murder on the books, the group were desperate to unmask a Traitor.

At breakfast, MK waltzed in and proudly proclaimed once again his Faithful status. The innocent-enough comment catapulted him to the top of almost everyone's list of suspects, and the Traitors recognised a perfect opportunity to throw another Faithful under the banishment bus.

But the Traitors didn't need to do much, as they watched the whole group turn on MK and saw him receive an overwhelming majority of votes to be the next player banished.

"It was a great adventure but in a way, I'm happy that I'm now at a more peaceful place," MK told 10 play, laughing.

As a former police officer and now a criminal lawyer, MK came into the game thinking he could have an upper hand to sniff out the Traitors.

"I thought, you know what? A bit of an adventure, spending time with 24 lovely people in a mansion, I thought it sounded great at the time," MK said. "Reality was slightly different.

"Number one, you can't say too much. Number two, most people don't like cops OR lawyers," he laughed, "and three, I think the courtroom is quite different because it is controlled. The magistrate can always say 'silence' and people listen to you."

Similarly, having worked in the police force in his former career, MK was used to interrogations that were more restrained.

"When you've got 24 powerful raging personalities all wanting to get that $250,000 of silver... the place was out of control!"

Having reflected on the experience, MK said he wouldn't have wanted to be selected to play as a Traitor. "I'm glad I was Faithful, that's my usual nature, to be honest, to be authentic and just say it the way it is."

Though he was only in the game a short while, MK had his suspicions about one Traitor in particular, Claire.

"There's an old saying, 'what you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you're saying'," MK said. "I found, over the years sitting in interview rooms with rapists, burglars, crooks, liars, thieves and cheats, you just have to listen to what they say and you can tell when somebody is guilty.

"Early on, I knew [Claire] was acting very differently after the banishment room, and I don't reckon it would have taken me long to suss out who the other Traitors were."

At any moment he saw fit, MK would ask for the group's attention before announcing his status as a Faithful. Slowly, the group began to turn and at the next banishment, his neck was squarely on the chopping block.

"It feels quite strange when you feel guilty, nobody believes you but everybody's got their own agenda," he explained. "Everybody's out for the $250,000 worth of silver so it was an interesting psychological experiment.

"In a way, we're dealing with 24 smiling assassins, including myself," he added.

Looking back on his time with The Traitors, MK said there's only one thing he'd do differently if he had his time again, "I'd apply to be the host of the show".

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