'If I Thought You Were A Traitor, I Told You To Your Face' Trustworthy Faithful Fi Goes Out With A Bang

Fi was the latest victim to be crossed off The Traitors' hit list.

As a vocal and confident player since day one, Fi’s name had been thrown around Traitor tower for some time, last night she was silenced for good.

"If I had something to say to someone, I'd say it directly to them," Fi told 10 Play. "If I was upset with them, they'd know about it. If I thought you were a Traitor, I told you to your face. So, I just think that that got me in a bit of trouble.

"The Traitors got scared of that. And they thought, if anyone's going to catch them, it's probably going to be me. So they had to get rid of me."

Fi connected with Teresa  early on in the game, and the duo’s bond made it difficult for Traitors to sway their votes.

"I gravitated towards Teresa the second I saw her. I mean, there was just this instant connection, she's funny and it just felt refreshing. She was also able to have fun and be herself and not change for anyone and it showed.  There's absolutely nothing that I wouldn't have done for Theresa in that game."

Considered the most vocal player in the game, for better or for worse, Fi never shied away from calling people out and, early on in the game, was recognised as a trusted Faithful.

Speaking on why her name was never thrown around during banishments, Fi said, "I was very vocal about the fact that I would make the worst possible Traitor.

"I said before I went in there, one of my downfalls in life is my expressions and that you can read my face and how I feel about a situation," she continued.

"It was definitely a case of, I think if people thought I was a Traitor, I probably would have slipped up and told them by now. It was very, very obvious that I was who I said I was."

In a game where lies and deception are key, Fi left after banishing a Faithful, Dirk. During his banishment, she was incredibly vocal and a driving force behind the vote, leading to a terrible shock when Dirk revealed he was in fact, Faithful.

"I was absolutely convinced and I wasn't the only one on board. How can someone not be scared of murder? I would assume that only someone doing the murdering wouldn't be worried about getting murdered," she explained.

"It was a slip-up of words [and] in this game, we've seen how quickly it can happen with Jack and Olivia. When you can't back up your story, it makes you look guilty, and he looked guilty. It was a poor choice of wording on Dirk’s part."

Fi elaborated, saying, "Maybe I was clinging onto something because it's all I had at the time. And I really thought with my whole being that Dirk was a Traitor. And when he stood up and said that he was Faithful I felt like a complete idiot."

Watching the show back, Fi was vocal about the shock of finding out that Marielle and Nigel were the original Traitors.

"I try not to let it bother me because it's just a game but, at the end of the day, I had such a close bond with both of those people. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'll do anything for the people that I care about.

"I think I invested time, so much time into Nigel that I probably should have been investing somewhere else because to see him up in Traitors tower, throwing my name about and not even looking fazed about it. He was a very, very good Traitor, I'll tell you that."

In a game where banishments or murder are the most likely outcome, the abrupt midnight murder means the Faithful miss out on a final goodbye.

"When you get banished, you stand up and get to have a little speech and you get a little goodbye and all that stuff. I hugged all my friends before I went to bed the night before and part of me was thinking, I’ll be here in the morning," Fi said.

"And then you just don't get to and it sucks. That really sucks. So I would have preferred to be banished for sure so that people knew that I was gone.

"It wasn't easy watching Teresa and Craig get so upset that I was murdered and I couldn't do anything about it."

With five paranoid Faithful and two Traitors out for blood left in the game, tensions are rising in the house and alliances and shifting.

"I think everyone has their own opinion. No one's scared to share anymore, you know? We're getting down to the nitty-gritty," Fi said.

"You got to do what you got to do. You can't hold back and I think everybody knows that. Everyone’s looking for blood, they just want the money."

The Traitors continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand