'I Flew Under The Radar So Well Until The Chloe Situation': Kashindi Becomes The Third Faithful Banished

Once again the Traitors had the last laugh, as another Faithful was sent packing.

Kashindi, a law student from Queensland, made an impression early in the game with her no-nonsense attitude and strategic game plan.

“My strategy going into the game was basically to be kind of like a ghost," she told 10 Play. "Because I have like a big family and a lot going on in my personal life [that] I didn't want to take into the game. So I basically just wanted to go into the game as a new identity.”

Flying under the radar as a potential Traitor, Kash’s luck in the game took a turn for the worse after Chloe, the in-house clairvoyant, set off a bombshell during banishment. Chloe named Kash, Angus, Marielle and Teresa as the four Traitors.

"I felt very calm [after being named] because I kind of felt that coming. Because we previously had an argument before banishments in regards to her clairvoyance and how people were feeling about it, so when she said my name, I was kinda like yep, I saw that coming."

When asked if it was difficult to defend herself against Chloe’s predictions, Kash said, "Not difficult because I don’t believe in that. I'm Christian, so I just had to tolerate it when I was on the show, because obviously, we're grown adults, and we have to accept everybody.

"If Chloe gave me a chance to actually defend myself when she was there maybe it would have put a new light on the situation," Kash continued. "The fact that she left the room made everyone more suspicious."

After being named by Chloe, the Faithful were quick to turn on Kash. Her confidence and self-assurance, an asset early on in the game, was beginning to be seen as a threat.

"I'm so nonchalant. Like, you can say something to me and you won’t get a reaction," she said. "I'm feeling a certain way about it inside but I just won’t show it. I think that kind of coincides with a lot of people expecting me to react a certain way when Chloe named me.

"People were expecting me to have certain emotions which they didn't get."

Kash’s behaviour was called out by Mark and Kate, who both could not understand why Kash didn’t put more effort into defending herself against Chloe.

"They thought she's definitely hiding something, being in a room with someone they can’t read properly," Kash explained, "but that's just me as a whole. I didn't feel like they voted me out because they thought I was a Traitor.

"They voted me out hoping that it would reveal to them [that] me being quiet and cut off was actually a front for me being a Traitor."

Speaking about the group dynamics and who holds the most power over the Faithful, Kash puts her sights on Justine.

"Justine is actually a very powerful player for the Faithful because she carried a lot of the conversations most of the time. She was the person who started off with a name and kind of could sway people, especially when patience was going in the group."

Three banishments and three Faithful gone.

Kash was an independent, strategic player that was caught in the line of fire.

"I did so well, I flew under the radar so well until the Chloe situation," she added, "But I feel like if I went back into the game and went back into that moment, I wouldn’t have let Chloe leave the room.

"I would literally stop her from leaving the room and just tell her to sit down and talk. But I think I did very well."

The Traitors continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand