All The Clues From Episode 4 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2022

Another round of incredible performances was topped off with our second nail-biting duel.

With two super secret celebs battling it out for their place in The Masked Singer Australia, everything was on the line on Sunday night.

But before the chants of ‘take it off’ flooded our screens, we collected all the clues from Episode 4 to help you figure out which celebs are behind the masks.


The Rooster was back to business, standing next to an electric guitarist before he stood in front of four bodyguards, one holding a doll while they passed around a $10 note. Despite being a chook, Rooster then acted like a bull, rushing at a red cape, before crossing a busy New York street and wandering through the bush. Finally, Rooster was handed several presents from Santa, but he tossed each one away as he repeated the words “knew me”.

Clues: I’m Rooster, and you can describe me as cocksure. What’s my pedigree? Funny, but it’s all the way back to Ancient Rome. I come from a short line of almost-royalty. I’m not a battery chook, I need freedom! I have a vision of seeing the whole world from the city, to the outback. I was discovered long after everyone knew me, knew me, knew me, knew me… I’m Rooster, and I’ve got plenty to crow about!

Song: “California Dreamin” by The Mamas & the Papas

Guesses: Lenny Kravitz, Todd McKenney, Vance Joy, Lincoln Lewis


On an idyllic beach, Snapdragon stood between four beach chairs while a bodyguard waved a lifesaving flag behind them before shooing them away, so Snapdragon took one of the chairs with them. Dragging luggage as they walked, Snapdragon was followed by two bodyguards, one holding what looked like a giant magnifying glass and the other holding a globe while pointing to Europe. Standing in the garden in front of a giant chess board, Snapdragon was then surrounded by seven other colourful snapdragons that grew around them, before they disappeared and turned into a giant flower bush.

Clues: When my voice is heard people don’t say ‘shh’ but that doesn’t mean I’m not adventurous. Travelling the seas doesn’t scare this Snapdragon. Snapdragons can be found across most of the world, we’re universal. I’ve been transplanted from my original home, but I’m never far from my father. Maybe you think all Snapdragons are the same, we’re not. But I owe a lot to another flower. Maybe we share the same roots? I’m Snapdragon, and I’m the bloomin’ best Masked Singer.

Song: “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston

Guesses: Sheldon Riley, Matt Corby, Sam Smith


He’s a snack and a half, and Popcorn showed us a poster for a movie called “Good Times with Popcorn” that starred George Michael and Lindsay Lohan. Then, standing in front of the Hollywood hills as a plane flew overhead and through a greyscale rainbow and black clouds, Popcorn handed leis to bodyguards as a colourful rainbow appeared behind them. Then, walking the runway, Popcorn looked like he injured himself as “how embarrassing” appeared over his giant head. Once again baseball was a theme for Popcorn as he hit a home run in a packed stadium.

Clues: When you’re a Popcorn, you’ve got to have the moves. Am I an American boy? Let me spell it out for you: I’m welcome everywhere and I want everyone to feel welcome wherever they are. Am I stylish? Others think so, but sometimes it ends super badly when I hang out with the fashionistas… even bloody! Ow. Do I stick my nose in other people’s business? Of course I do, it’s a bit of an obsession. I’m Popcorn and I’m ready to go off!

Song: “Adore You” by Harry Styles

Guesses: John Butler, Rick Springfield, Louis Tomlinson, Adam Hyde


Taking it back old school, Tiger danced the Charleston before jumping into the present to dance in front of two bodyguards. On the bodyguards’ table were three flags — the US, Aussie and Italy — as well as two beers called “King of the Jungle”. Finally, Tiger crawled around on a very smoky floor as cash flooded the screen.

Clues: I am Tiger, and no one will cur my appeal. Am I manly? I have been most of my life, especially 2003. I’ve often been the front but just as much time in the back and I have had my success in Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, London and Singapore… and in the desert too. I’m the Tiger, and I’m ready to roar!

Song: “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins

Guesses: Ronny Chieng, Gary Sweet, Jamie Durie, Paul Gascoigne

The Masked Singer Australia airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand