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War of the Roses - And Then There Were Three

When we first meet Sam she is strolling along the beach, drawing a line in the sand with a stick. Things are getting serious and the boys need to show Sam now more than ever just how much they’re willing to risk for love.

Cue: sunrise, flying birds and sweeping music. Date one goes to Sasha who is being driven to their date blindfolded. Poor Sash may have wanted to keep that on a bit longer, as the sight of a skydiving sign immediately sends him into a terror spiral. While Sam sees this as an opportunity for them both to work through something tough together, Sasha thinks his beautiful Bachelorette has stitched him up.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 9 blog

Despite his attempts at trying to pass the planes off as dodgy equipment, it’s not long before Sasha’s in in skydiving gear and joining Sam on board. As the plane ascends over Sydney, Sam attempts to distract Sasha with cuddles and kisses which seemed to do the trick right up until the three-minute-mark where Sasha turns a whiter shade of pale.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 9 blog

Despite every nerve in his body telling him to stop, Sasha takes the leap out of the plane. After an initial period of thinking he was going to die, when the parachute released, Sash relaxed, opened his eyes and inhaled for the first time. Sam, meanwhile, screamed with delight the entire way down and had the time of her life. Back on solid ground, the pair embraced with smiles and kisses, but their shared euphoria didn’t last for long as something starts to come over Sam.

Nauseous and light-headed, Sam is quickly on the ground joined by a medic checking her blood pressure and pulse. Everything is running high as our Bachelorette appears to have suffered a major adrenaline rush. Sasha is calmly by her side throughout, comforting her while she slowly recovers. The evidence that Sasha is obviously a good man to have around in a crisis buoys our Bachelorette into feeling better that little bit quicker.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 9 blog

Thank God Sam has recovered because it’s champagne and cheese time! In an undisclosed location, Sam and Sasha sit down to talk about their eventful day and also how Sam felt about his hometown date. Sasha lets Sam know that she got mum’s tick of approval, which is massive for him. Recognising this, Sam bravely bares all when she asks Sash, in so many words, will you still want me when The Bachelorette journey is all over and it’s just me?

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 9 blog

Of course, Sasha’s response is dead on. He’s not concerned with any of the material stuff. He’s looking for a partner he can build a life with and as they get ever closer to the end, he is more and more sure that person is Sam. A relieved and happy Sam assures Sasha that he is in the running and the date inevitably ends on a kiss.

Next man from our top three is Cool Bananas, aka Richie. Our awkward Western Australian made a huge impression on Sam in their young at heart date, but he’s been struggling with telling her just how he feels. Will he overcome his social awkwardness and lay it all on the line?

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 9 blog

Just to make his nerves that little bit worse, Sam picks Richie up in a chopper in order to whisk him away to the snow. Naturally, Richie has a suave retort to the smooth ride: “awesome, awesome, awesome…boom-shakalaka…cool bananas.” I think we can all agree that Barry White just went out of business.

Richie is taken aback when he sees snow for the first time, it’s the stuff of movies and it’s not long before the pair are throwing snowballs at one another and making snow angels. After he accidentally shuts down her first attempt at a kiss, the pair eventually end up having a romantic moment overlooking a snowfield sunset.

As the pair head into the chalet for some wine and cheese, Richie tells us at home that he use to be a “nervous nelly” around Sam at the beginning – he calls it “The Sam-factor”.  When Sam asks him about how he’s enjoyed the date, Richie lets her know how amazing it was to share his first ever snow experience with her.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 9 blog

As they continue to chat, Sam decides to lay it on the line: you aren’t showing me the feels, what’s going on? Richie lets her know that he’s been hurt in the past and it’s made him scared of committing 100 per cent now. In response, Sam shares inspirational insight about not letting past break ups define who you are and being brave enough to move on. With the fire crackling in the background, Richie fumbles over his words, eventually letting Sam know that he’s falling for her, but will this awkward speech be enough?

Date three goes to none other than our resident Mr Smooth, Michael. Looking gorgeous in a long grey cardigan and white top, Sam tells Michael they’re off on an ocean adventure, starting with some whale watching. Once on the sea, Michael tells Sam that his parents are still thinking about her visit. From there, he goes on to reveal that his mother was the one to propose out of his parents, prompting Michael to ask Sam: would she do the same? After an initial avoidance tactic, she responds, hell yes and we all fall in love with her a little bit more for being a strong, independent woman.

When they make it to the heads of Sydney Harbour, the pair are lucky enough to come across two breaching whales. After Michael accepted the fact he was seeing “real whales,” the pair cuddle up and enjoy the amazing moment together. Michael naturally ends the moment by saying all the right things and the pair share an intimate kiss out on the harbour.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 9 blog

Stage two of their water-themed date takes Sam and Michael under the sea at a Sydney Aquarium. Not even the fish can escape the candle treatment as Sam and Michael sit down to an intimate dinner surrounded by sea life. After toasting under the watchful eye of two swordfish, Sam tries to find the chink in Michael’s smooth armor, but, he can’t be faulted. He assures Sam that he’s ready to settle down in life, but also ready to support her every endeavour. He knows that he has one chance and lets her know that he’s really falling for her….wait falling IN LOVE with her. He said the words you guys! As she has two other hearts to think of, all our Sammy can do is smile and nod in response, but the underwater date does end in a very passionate kiss.

After three amazing, and very different dates, Sam’s decision is tougher than ever before. Who makes it through to the very first finale of The Bachelorette Australia?

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 9 blog

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 9 blog