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War of the Roses - Sam's Home Run

It’s finally time for Sam to head to the hometowns of our remaining four bachelors: Michael, Alex, Sasha and Richie. Things are really starting to heat up now and the pressure builds as Sam prepares to meet the Bachelor’s loved ones. Sam is big on family, so if things go wrong on this visit, it could be adios Bachelor!  After some deep thinking on the beach, Sam jets off to hometown date #1: Michael in Brisbane.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

Michael is waiting nervously for Sam on a soccer field kicking a ball to himself. When Sam comes running onto the ground she leaps into the football star’s arms telling him how much she’s missed him. Then she tells us how much she loves wrapping her arms around him and giving him a smooch. Duh.

Michael explains to Sam that he’s brought her to Logan Lightning’s home ground because it was where he first started playing football. After gifting Sam her own Logan jersey, Michael heads into the goals ready for Sam to strike. Silly Michael has bought into Sam’s false modesty and her first ball goes straight past him through to the net. After more jumping and kissing it’s off to the city.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

In town, Michael takes Sam down to the Brisbane River on a luxury cruiser where our Bachelorette can’t wait to perch up on the beanbag that awaits them on the bow for some quality time. Just as Sam starts gushing about Michael being the perfect man, he drops the parent bomb, before going on to explain that he hasn’t brought many girls home before, therefore making her a very special person. After telling her he adores her (!!!), Michael then goes on to truly open up to Sam and let her know that if she wants to choose him in the end, he’s “in.”

In a luxury apartment overlooking Brisbane, Sam meets Michael’s mum and Michael’s dad…WHO IS EXACTLY LIKE MICHAEL. Turns out they’re so alike, they may even have the same taste in women as dad starts commenting on Sam’s eyes. Michael, we can see where you get your complimentary personality! Mumma Michael tells us she sees a change in her son, and his dad says she can come back any time, even without Michael.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

Next in his crafty plan, dad steals Sam away for a one-on-one chat….which turns into a beautiful moment where he councils Sam on her and Michael’s wonderful qualities. Oh, he’s actually a big sweetheart.

Just as Sam thought she was on easy street, mum starts asking the hard questions at dinner. But our Bachelorette does a stellar job of navigating, telling mum that it’s not an easy situation but when she’s with Michael, she sees only him. Mum is appeased for now, but later tells us she can see how much Michael is invested and is worried about a possible heartbreak.

After an impressive day together, Michael walks Sam outside to say goodbye. Beside the river, Michael literally shows Sam his hand: I <HEART SYMBOL> Sam.  HUHHHHH?! Wow. He is laying all on the line. Naturally, Sam can’t return the sentiment just yet, but that doesn’t stop Michael from going on to tell her that he can’t picture a future without her and that “he’s all in.” Naturally, their date together ends in a big kiss and leaves our Bachelorette already overwhelmed.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

Next, we’re off to Avoca in NSW to meet English gent Alex who is waiting beachside, in a scarf, for Sam’s arrival. As Alex’s hometown is in the UK, he’s brought Sam to a place where he likes to escape on the weekend and surf.  For the first part of the date, Alex is about to take Sam on a little surfing lesson. When Sam tells us at home that she’s got caught in a rip both times she’s previously attempted surfing, we’re thinking this idea has a lot of room for error. While she didn’t get caught in a rip, it’s safe to say that our Bachelorette will not be surfing Bells anytime soon.

When the sun goes down, Sam and Alex head inside for champagne and candlelight and Sam is wrapped to have no pressure of meeting a family member. WRONG. Alex has arranged for his sister to make a surprise visit and the unexpected news really throws our Bachelorette.

Sam’s nerves blow out to a mild panic attack when Alex’s sister arrives. Things are definitely in Awkwardtown as the trio make small talk in the kitchen, before the gear shifts and Helen moves to the hard hitting questions. She is still trying to wrap her head around the whole experience and questions Sam’s reason for going on television to find love. She continues on with the big hitters – would you move overseas for Alex? Will you have babies for Alex? Awkward. Awkward. Awkward.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

Now for alone time with sister – take a deep breath Sammy, you can do it!

Despite the ominous music, sister Alex is asking some fair questions and is responding sensitively to Sam’s responses, it’s really our Bachelorette who is fumbling. At the end of their chat, sister Alex tells us at home that she thinks Sam is a top chick and we agree. Next is Alex and Sam’s private goodbye, but it certainly didn’t have the same heat as Michael’s farewell, so we’re left wondering – could this be the end of the road for our English gent?

Third hometown date is WA rope technician Richie. He is waiting for her by red rocks and a waterfall in Perth but despite all signs pointing to BIKINI, the pair escape an icy swim and head for a walk in King’s Park instead. When they reach a look out, Richie eventually splutters out how he feels about Sam. Sam responds by letting our socially awkward Bachelor that she has a Richie-crush. Just like the rest of us.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

Then the pair share a passionate kiss before Sam prepares to meet the family…and friends it turns out. As Richie prepares her for a roasting, Sam slowly reaches for the freak-out button. However, we’re all hoping things will be cool bananas.

When Richie and Sam arrive home she’s introduced to his mum and sister…and then the rest of Perth’s entire population.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

While Sam does her best to entertain the crowd with her feelings on Perth and Richie, Richie’s mum is not sure there’s enough happening between the pair. Because Aussie BBQ, sister Richie invites Sam inside with Richie’s mum to make the salad and to be asked the inevitable question – will you move to Perth. Sam lets them know it’s definitely something she’s open to and they breathe a sigh of relief before adding a small layer of emotional guilt.

Out in the backyard, Richie is also getting grilled by his mates about his feelings for Sam. Mate #1 then tells us at home that he has reservations about their future as they’ve only known each other for a short time. The grilling doesn’t end there however, as Richie’s mates form the Perth Inquisition upon Sam’s return and start hammering her with questions. Sam is doing a brilliant job, before mate #2 drops a bomb: “Are you honestly over what happened last year?” HUH?! Thank god Sam smashes it out of the park, her response even winning her a high five from mate #2. YAY SAM!

Next, Richie and his family move inside to discuss how he’s feeling about her. Mum lets Richie know she wasn’t sure about this whole thing and was expecting Sam to be a princess, but she has been pleasantly surprised to learn that Sam is a total legend #winning.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

Not long after, the party is given the wrap up and Sam breathes a massive sigh of relief. While Richie’s thoughts are how well Sam got on with everybody, Sam’s thoughts turn to if she can really move to Perth. Uh-oh. Outside the house, Richie plants an awkward goodbye kiss on Sam before she hops back on a plane across the Nullabor and on to date #4.

Back on the east coast, Sasha is waiting for Sam at a winery in his hometown. Clearly, this means Sasha’s hometown already wins. After a quick kiss hello, the pair sort of admit they’ve been missing each other, before they take a walk through the vines. Over wine and cheese (again, winning) Sasha brings out a mate, Jack Dawson, to serenade her with their own special song. First line out of Jack’s mouth: I love you so. WHAT? Oh no you didn’t. You did not just tell her you loved her through song? OMG now they’re dancing…and kissing. Um, Sasha is killing it. After the musician departs, Sasha dances around his sentiment before letting Sam know that “he’s falling in love with her”!!!

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

But with all this passion, the pressure is on for Sam to knock meeting the family out of the park. When they arrive at Sasha’s mum’s home, aka Shrine of Sasha, a very nervous Sam meets mum, step dad and little brother. After an intense one-on-one with mumma Sash, Sam hopes she can get through the rest of the night easily. BUT that wasn’t to be as step dad Sash hits her with a big question about how she got through the heartbreak of last year. Her honest and open response hits a note with the family and you can feel them all warm to our Sammy.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 8 blog

After a kiss goodbye with Sasha, Sam is off to make her way to the next rose ceremony and she has some serious thinking to do. But who will be leaving the mansion for the last time?