Episode 12

Tim spends one-on-one time with the three remaining Bachelorettes and pays a luxury jeweller a visit

Tim is only one week out from making the big decision, to help things become more clear, he spends some true one-on-one time with the three remaining Bachelorettes.

Tim takes Bachelorette #1 on board the Aquabay as it sails through Sydney Harbour, then spending the evening dining on the back of the yacht.

Meeting Bachelorette #2 the next day for a romantic drive through the Blue Mountains, Tim takes her on a bush picnic before cooking dinner in the romantic Wollemi Love Cabin.

Bachelorette #3 has a tense dinner with Tim on a trip to the Southern Highlands. How will she react when he puts her on the spot?

Tim visits the jewellers to design a ring for the final girl before watching a video message from his final three explaining how they feel. After the dates, will that make his decision of who to say goodbye to even harder?

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