Why The Apollocalypse Was Everything And More

We first laid eyes on Apollo when he stepped out of the limo to meet Sophie Monk on last year’s season of The Bachelorette, and we’ve been lapping up anything we can get on him ever since.

Here’s what we savoured about his much-anticipated arrival in Paradise

Gracing Our Screens Once Again

Unable to fathom Sophie’s decision, we were left crying into our wine glasses when she called time on her journey with the sexy magician. Fast forward a few months and our eyes lit up with joy when we learned he was ready to give love a second chance in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Apollo

He’s A Total Superstar

Arriving in style (did you see that awesome crab shirt?!), with a date card in hand and a killer smile, the man of the hour was greeted by an ear-piercing cheer. We couldn’t tell who was more excited – the blokes or the gals!

Given how much the controversial arrivals of the US Bachelors ruffled a few feathers, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen such a warm reception. This time around, even the boys approached their potential competition with giant man-hugs. Nawww.

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Apollo

He’s Tarzy’s Tarzan Loved-up couple Sam and Tara even took time out from their canoodling sesh to greet him, grinning from ear to ear. Tara couldn’t contain her delight – she’s friends with Apollo in the outside world –  and basically represented the women of Oz with her screaming reaction. We’re super, super, super excited to have him here too, Tara!

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Apollo

Bro Code, He Gets It

After settling in, Apollo queried his comrades about Paradise. He completely understood that as a late contender, most people would be coupled up, and he was visibly nervous about cutting anyone’s grass.

While he’s ultimately on the island to find love, he’s not about the drama life.

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Apollo

Getting To Know The Girls

In a change as welcoming as a cool breeze in sunny Fiji, conversation between Apollo and Simone flowed effortlessly (let’s hope the other guys are taking notes). He had her in fits of giggles, from their first chat, to the date he ended up taking her on because she’d “been awesome”.

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Apollo

A Hot Commodity

It was no secret that Elora was busting to meet Apollo, she’d literally told anyone who’d listen (and a few who wouldn’t) that he was the whole reason she was there. So, once back at camp, the tension between Simone and Elora started brewing – an exciting distraction from Keira and Jarrod’s ongoing dramz.

While Apollo wanted to avoid conflict between the guys, little did he know he may have caused irreversible friction between the girls.

With friendships at stake, will Apollo get caught up in this love triangle, or will another girl catch his eye? We cannot wait to find out!