‘Just How Gullible Are You?’ Would Chris Taylor Lie To Us?

We had an open and honest chat with Chris Taylor about the upcoming series Would I Lie To You?… At least, we think we did.

Based on the popular UK series, Chrissie Swan hosts Would I Lie To You?, which sees two teams captained by Chris Taylor and Frank Woodley attempt to fib their way through some ridiculous lies in order to trick the other team.

Each week Chris and Frank will be joined by celebrity and comedy guests who will share some of the most incredibly wild stories you’ve ever heard. The catch is, only some of the incredible stories are actually true, but they’ll have to try and trick the other team into thinking fact is fiction and fiction is fact.


Ahead of the show’s launch, 10 play caught up with Chris to find out more about the series… or did we?

Are you a fan of the UK version of the show?

Yes, I’m a huge fan of the original. And because the old episodes are always being repeated, you can pretty much watch it every night of the week.

As nightly shows go, I find it a lot more entertaining than the news. More factually reliable too, ironically.

Do you consider yourself a particularly good liar?

No, I’m a terrible liar. But of course that statement, in itself, might be a lie… in which case maybe I’m an excellent liar.

Has taking part in the series made you a better liar?

It amuses me that you think this is Chris Taylor answering these questions, rather than a poor publicist who has to do everything for him. I mean, just how gullible are you?

What do you think makes for the perfect type of lie to sneak one past the opposing team?

How would I know?! Maybe that’s one you can ask Chris himself when he gets back from his lunch, in six hours’ time.

Do you find yourself trying to tell more outrageous fibs in real life to practice?

Yes. Every day I tell myself the outrageous fib that I find my job fulfilling, and that Chris Taylor is a delight to work for.

Do you and Frank have different approaches to captaining your teams?

Yes, very different. Frank is talented and funny.

Do you worry you'll run out of outrageous true stories as the show goes on? 

S**t, sorry, he’s back from lunch early, stinking of gin. Can I get back to you later on this?

Would I Lie To You? premieres 8.30 Monday February 28 on 10 and 10 play on demand