This Is Us: The Burning Questions And A Few Answers

The US drama that really does give us ‘all the feels’ is back this week. Here’s what we know – and need to know – about the highly anticipated second season of This Is Us.

The first season of This Is Us took us on a veritable emotional rollercoaster as we followed the highs and lows of the Pearson family. The acclaimed drama connected with its audience in a powerful and unusual way; from our sofas we chanted along with the ‘big three’, despaired as Jack knocked back drink after drink and sobbed as Randall lost his newly-found father. This is a show that’s full of heart, and we can’t wait to find out what happens next to the Pearsons…

Are Jack and Rebecca over?

The couple that dealt with the devastating loss of a baby by adopting a child in need, impressed us with their strength, positive attitudes, love and by creating an enviable family unit. But Jack put that in jeopardy at the end of last season. Their blazing row tore the couple apart in potentially irreparable fashion. Their deep love turned to intense anger. We’re not sure that even Jack and Rebecca can claw it back from that emotional end to season one.

What we’ve heard: Show creator, Dan Fogelman has described Jack and Rebecca’s relationship as a ‘little darker’ this season. We can expect a little more shade.

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How does Jack die?

We know it happens. We’ve seen the funeral. But how and when? It feels like there’s still a lot of his story left to tell and it’s not a tale to be rushed. As Fogelman says, “In terms of the reveal of Jack’s death, the only balancing act we’re trying to be cognisant of is spacing it out in a way that is interesting for the audience and keeps people engaged and talking about it.”

What we’ve heard: The good news for Jack fans is that he is definitely ‘on the call sheet’ for this season (as confirmed by Mandy Moore who plays Rebecca). Other cast members have tweeted photos of themselves with Milo Ventimigila (Jack). But we shouldn’t expect the revelation of how Jack died to answer all of our questions. The creators have hinted that we’ll be left wanting to know more.

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What next for Randall and his family?

What a life-changing time Randall and Beth experienced in season one. Randall found and lost his biological father, but not without their time together turning his life upside down. Discovering and living with William was a precious experience which changed his whole family. The high-flying lawyer was last seen leaving his job, so without those ties, what will he do next?

What we’ve heard: Randall is keen to adopt. But while he would like a baby, his wife Beth advocates taking in an older child. Will Beth convince her husband that hers is the better path for them?

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What next for Kate and Toby?

When we last saw Kate, she’d committed to her man, and we’re hoping that Toby’s brush with near death will be the catalyst for change. Will she finally be happy in her own skin? We’d love a bit of happy ever after for them, but sense there’s more drama afoot.

What we’ve heard: Kate finds the courage to pursue a career in music, but her anxieties about her body threaten to sabotage her chance to be the lead singer in a band. Back at home, she and Toby are engaged and living together.

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What next for Kevin?

In an unexpected twist, Kevin ran away from the two girls that he’d been involved with and ran back to the ‘love of his life’. Was it just nostalgia, or is Sophie really the girl for him? One of the most poignant scenes of last season was when Kevin fled from the stage to be with his brother, Randall, in his time of need. Whether this Jack-style act of selflessness signals a change in Kevin or just a solitary kind gesture remains to be seen.

What we’ve heard: Kevin faces the very real struggle of trying to juggle his acting career with his relationship. It’s just this kind of everyday battle that This Is Us tackles so well and resonates with its audience. In other news, we hear that a very surprising mentor takes Kevin under his wing – none other than Sylvester Stallone!

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One thing we know for certain is that there’s not long to wait until the Pearsons return to our screens.

This Is Us season two premieres 8.30 Wednesday on TEN and tenplay