How Does Jack Die?

We’d seen the urn. Now we’ve seen flashes of the funeral. But when it comes to how the big three’s daddy dies, we still don’t really know Jack. Time for seven unlucky theories on how the Pearson patriarch shuffles off this mortal coil.

1. A massive heart attack

Kate’s concern for Toby’s heart condition is understandable based simply on their relationship, but is her most deep-seated fear watching a little bit of history repeated? Sure Jack looks like the perfect human specimen, but could family, work and finances have taken too high a toll on his ticker?

2. A plane crash

Fans have gone into a speculative frenzy proposing Jack tragically passed in 9/11, and though chronological evidence has now ruled this out, an ill-fated flight is still very much a possibility. USAir Flight 427 has been named as the potential doomed craft, which crashed on approach to the Pittsburgh International Airport in ’94 killing all 132 people aboard. Since Kate is scared to death of flying, and Kevin threw out all his model planes, was Jack one of them?

3. Alcoholism

We thought, and hoped, Jack had quit the demon drink for good, but concerns remain that it will in fact be the death of him. Fans have grimly predicted that a DUI incident is imminent, but could the real twist be that it’s not Jack behind the wheel?

4. Complications from surgery

Kate’s health has been a perennial plot-line in This Is Us. Is it about to get a whole lot worse, resulting in Jack sacrificing an organ to save his little girl’s life – never to leave the operating table?

this is us jack death

5. A terminal illness

William’s cancer battle has been so perfectly, heartbreakingly written and played, it seems unlikely that Jack is also destined to fall from a terminal illness. But if this show has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected, and if Jack does indeed receive the diagnosis we’re all dreading, you can bet we’ll all be praying for
This Is Us miracle.

6. By Miguel’s hand

The only mystery bigger than Jack’s death is how his beloved Rebecca ends up re-married to his best friend, and ‘50 Shades of Beige’ leading man, Miguel. Since there’s no way on Earth Bec would gladly leave one for the other, did murderous Miguel dispatch the man standing between him and the woman of his dreams?

7. He didn’t

Contrary to the evidence, Jack is in fact alive and well, living a life under an alternate identity. “He’s raising Miguel’s kids,” speculated Justin Hartley (Kevin) amusingly.

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