Everything We're Looking Forward To Seeing In The Final Season Of ‘This Is Us’

The much-loved family drama, This Is Us, will air its emotional final season from 10.30 Wednesday February 23 on 10 and 10 play. **Warning: Season 5 spoilers ahead**

It was almost unsurprising, given the regular twists and turns of the show, that season five ended on a huge cliffhanger. To recap, the episode kicks off on the morning of Kevin and Madison’s wedding, where Kevin is nervously reciting a speech in front of the mirror. However, as fate had it, the wedding is called off at the 11th hour.

In the final 60 seconds, we are taken back to the man in the mirror in a flash-forward and learn that Kevin was actually rehearsing a speech five years into the future at Kate’s second wedding, to her boss, Phillip.

Kate and Toby’s Marriage Breakdown

The last-minute plot twist sadly reveals that #Katoby have gotten divorced. This revelation shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as the show hinted this back in season three, when Future Toby was seen in a bed alone without a wedding ring, hesitant to visit a dying Rebecca.

The fractures in their relationship started to peak in season four onwards, where the once vivacious Toby became more subdued as he struggled to bond with his son Jack, and losing his job.

So, how do we think the story will unfold? We have some thoughts.

One, is that Toby cheats on Kate while working in San Francisco. She finds out, ending their relationship immediately. Kate leans on Phillip for comfort, and soon falls for him.

Or, Kate is the cheater. She spends too much time with Phillip due to Toby’s absence and learns that there’s something deeper under that crude façade.

Or, no one cheats, and they simply fall out of love with each other due to distance and one too many issues in their relationship.

Deja’s Pregnancy

Season five revealed that an unwed Future Deja is pregnant. In the season finale, she also finds out that her boyfriend Malik gets accepted into Harvard, five hours away from Philadelphia.

These revelations poses unanswered questions that we're hoping will unravel in the final season - does the trajectory of Deja's life see her staying in a long-distance relationship with Malik? Or does she chose another path for herself, with her own ambitions and ultimately, a new partner?

Nicky’s Relationship

The Big Three’s loveable uncle Nicky is seen hurrying down a hallway at Kate’s second wedding, exclaiming “I know, I know, I’m getting dressed, but the wife wanted stockings”, which reveals that he got married.

During Kevin’s buck’s party, Nicky decides to seek out his former flame, Sally Brooks. However, his search for love may go one of two ways. He either finds Sally, they reminisce on old times, and end up falling in love all over again. Or, he never finds Sally, but opens himself up to the possibility of love after 50 years and meets a new woman who totally sweeps him off his feet.

Either way, we cannot wait to see his love story unfold!

Rebecca And Miguel’s Relationship

One of the biggest storylines yet to be fully explored is the relationship between Rebecca and Miguel. We know Miguel helped the family a lot after Jack’s death. We also know that the two reconnected over Facebook after eight years, which suggests along the timeline, a fallout occurred.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jon Huertas (Miguel) and Mandy Moore (Rebecca) hint that season six reveals a heartbreaking split between the two during their younger years, suggesting that unspoken chemistry between them was too deep to ignore, leaving one of them to do something about it.

Huertas also notes that while the reception towards Miguel was frosty at the beginning, the split scene “was so tough, so sad, and I think [it] will really help propel people into having their minds open to, 'Oh my God. We kind of want these two together.”

Randall's 'Rising Star' and Beth's New Dance Studio

The ultimate #couplegoals, Randall and Beth continue to go from strength to strength each year.

The end of season five saw a shot panned over a magazine article where Randall was referred as a 'rising star', suggesting a political advancement in his career. Sterling K. Brown (Randall) confirmed this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying: "I can say it'll start to unfold once you get to episode 10. So it's a slow burn."

As for Beth, shutting down her dream dance studio due to the pandemic was a real struggle for her, however in the flash-forward we see that she is running a new studio. Sandra Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, also has a full episode dedicated to her storyline, which she got to direct. According to the same interview with EW, that episode will "delve deeper into the hurt that the dancer with dashed dreams has processed — and has yet to process", and Beth will finally get to heal scars that she hasn't dealt with from her former years.

Who Is Kevin’s Wife?

Kevin has ebbed in and out of relationships his entire adult life. As the show enters its final chapter, we’re all left wondering who he will end up with. Thanks to a flash-forward at Kevin’s ‘mega mansion’, a shot of a wedding ring confirms he eventually settles down – but the question is, who is the lucky bride?

After deep contemplation, we believe that we won’t see a new character entering Kevin’s life at this late stage in the series and he will end up with one of his exes. And we think it might be Sophie.

The love-of-Kevin’s-life-since-they-were-ten, Sophie. While their second attempt at reconnecting failed, they have continued to support each other as they move forward in their lives.

There was a deep closeness between them during the aftermath of Sophie’s mother’s funeral. Then, in the second last episode of season five, Sophie calls Kevin from a new phone number and is seen without her engagement ring, which could suggest that she broke off with her fiancé and had to change her number. After years of growth, learning and forgiveness, could this end in a whole Ross and Rachel, full-circle moment?

Who Will Die?

Chrissy Metz (Kate) hinted at two major deaths in season six during an interview with ExtraTV. While it’s safe to say that Rebecca will be one of those deaths, this leaves one more character’s life hanging in the balance.

If we narrow it down, Kate and Miguel are yet to be seen in the flash-forward at Kevin's, suggesting one of them is the victim. However, it may be too obvious to have Miguel dying, and viewers know by now that the writers don’t do obvious!

Then there's Kate. It may seem shocking to kill off one of the Big Three, but let's not forget that our hero Jack was also killed off way before his time.

Or, perhaps no one has died before Rebecca. Maybe Miguel and Kate do end up at the house eventually, and the writers are just teasing us for now. Perhaps the death will occur as we flash-forward further to when the grandchildren and Big Three are even older.

How Will The Final Episode Play Out?

It appears that the writers are setting us up for a finale where everyone is at Rebecca's bedside, waiting for her to take her final breath. However, there is a chance an unsuspecting turn will occur and we are taken to 20 or 30 years into the future, where we see The Big Three dealing with life without their parents.

Whatever happens, this season is sure to be raw, heartbreaking and a complete tear-jerker.

Tune into the final season of This Is Us, 10.30 Wednesday February 23 on 10 and 10 play