The Traitors 2022: Alex Duggan Crowned Winner As She Fools The Final Faithful

A Traitor has taken home the entire prize pool after a thrilling grand finale.

It was a desperate fight to the finish as two Traitors, Alex and Kate, faced off against the two final Faithful, Craig and Lewis.

Given the opportunity to banish one final player, Alex and Kate appealed to Craig’s long-held suspicions about Lewis. With all three voting for Lewis, he revealed to the group that he was, and had always been, Faithful having previously sworn on his mother’s life.

The final three now faced another decision: if the Faithful believed they had banished all the Traitors, they could choose to share the prize pool, and if it was revealed that all three remaining players were Faithful – they’d walk away with an even share of the prize. But if a Traitor remained, they would take the entire prize pool for themselves.

If, however, there was a lingering suspicion that a Traitor still lurked among them, they could go to a vote and do one final banishment. It came as no surprise that all three decided to go for a vote and hold one more banishment.

As the two Traitors turned on each other in the final vote, it all came down to Faithful Craig. Having played with his heart the entire season, Craig aligned himself with Alex and the pair voted out Kate who revealed her status as a Traitor.

Thrilled, Craig was under the impression that he and Alex were about to split the prize evenly between them. But one last reveal was left. After Craig told Alex he was Faithful, she simply looked at him with a guilty gleam in her eye.

“I’m a Traitor, Craig,” Alex finally admitted.

The winner of $250,000, Alex told host Rodger Corser, “It feels pretty good, I will say that, but also pretty bad. Bittersweet I could say really.”

Throughout the series, Alex spoke about her plans to use the prize money for her future, telling Rodger, “It means a house, family, most importantly IVF, which can be very expensive”.

“This is life-changing for me, literally,” she continued, “I’m going to start a family, start my life with my girlfriend. I feel pretty damn good.”

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