‘Once A Traitor, Always A Traitor’: Nigel Explains His Emotional Exit From The Game

Despite being the last original Traitor to be uncovered, Nigel’s exit was possibly the most emotional of the game so far.

Having played a perfectly under-the-radar game, Nigel was able to outlast the other four Traitors — Marielle, Nigel and Claire — and regardless of the genuine connections he had made in the house, he wasn’t able to hide from suspicious eyes for much longer.

Telling the other players he worked a mostly ‘custodial’ job at a university, the hostage negotiator and consultant dropped the mic when he revealed to the group not only was he a Traitor, but more details about his actual career and that he was also held hostage for 15 months.

Describing the moment he revealed to the group his true identity, Nigel said it was all “pretty emotional” having carried the burden of his role as a Traitor for several weeks.

“The realisation that I obviously had just lost my chance of winning the game, but also sitting next to Craig and seeing how emotionally affected he was by the game,” Nigel said. “To be able to have my drop mic time of, ‘Well, you guys all think I work at a university… what you don’t know is all of these other things about me’.

“To be able to drop that on all of them and walk out of the room was quite a nice way to finish my time in the game,” he continued.

In a game entirely about deception, Nigel was surprised to find himself making genuine connections with the other players.

“My sole purpose was to win the money,” he admitted, “I wasn’t there to make friends… but I think when you spend such an intense time with a group of people, you do make bonds and you do make connections. I think it’s human nature to want to nurture those things, even though you’re in a game.”

During the challenge where the players had to outrun paintball snipers, Craig was unable to wear his glasses and essentially became a sitting duck. Nigel, running beside him, told Craig to just follow his voice and the pair could work together to succeed.

After that, Craig and Nigel not only formed a friendship, but Nigel also had Craig’s trust that he was “100 percent not a Traitor”.

When it came time for Nigel’s banishment, it was one of the toughest votes for Craig, whose heart was breaking to vote for his friend but was hopeful the group had made the right decision.

For Nigel, it was one of the first times he really felt his neck was on the chopping block after Lewis had won the shield and protection from that evening’s vote.

“It’s like how Dirk had explained, it is like breaking up with a partner. When you’re in that pre-banishment and people are like, ‘Can I talk to you, but not you?’ My spider senses were like okay, this is not good.

“If I’m not part of the plan, I am the plan,” Nigel continued.

One major red flag the group noted was that Nigel was one of the only people who didn’t vote for Marielle in the prior vote. Having made a Traitors' alliance with her, Nigel had refused to vote against Marielle.

“There is still honour amongst thieves and my values are very strong,” he explained. “Having to lie and deceive people is not first nature for me, so when Marielle and I teamed up it was like well, I’ve got your back. I’m hoping I can trust you. I’m going to protect you and if we get to the end, we can both pull out our swords and fight to the death.

“At the end of the day, the rules were only one person was going to win so, at some point, we were going to have to cannibalise each other as Traitors and even getting to the end, how that was going to play out, you could still be double-crossed by someone you trusted,” Nigel said.

“I think the beauty of this game is you might have a game plan but things can change. They can completely go south very quickly by one small thing happening… there wasn’t a precedent, there was no idea of knowing what we’re actually about to walk into and what the game was other than we knew there was $250,000 on the table.”

Leaving Alex and newest recruit Kate in the game as the remaining Traitors, Nigel was the last of the original four to be discovered. And while there were some internal blindsides, he hopes to see The Traitors continue long enough for an all-Traitors all-stars season on the horizon.

“It would be awesome to be involved in, all the traitors from previous seasons basically having a murderous go at each other,” he said, laughing. “It would be so fun because you couldn’t trust anyone.

“I’m not saying anyone is 100 percent not a Traitor because they’ve all been a Traitor before. Once a Traitor, always a Traitor!”

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