'I'm Bloody Hilarious': Teresa Has The Last Laugh At The Traitors

The furiously funny Faithful played an impressive game, and she opens up about her experience, what she would have done with the $250,000 and why The Traitors gets a 2-star rating in her book.

Making it to the Final Five, Teresa stood in front of the remaining players and revealed her identity as Faithful. Describing the game as an "absolute mind-boggle", the emcee and sports club president added, "I take awesome memories, I take some friends... I take Rodger with me as well".

Speaking to 10 Play after her banishment, Teresa reflected on how blessed she was to have been part of the experience.

"Not only was it free, I felt like I was at a spa -- without my kids. The opulence, the decadent hotel, room service... BACON" she said. "I think I played a sh*tty game because I was just like, 'This is a nice place!' I forgot the reason we were there."

Laughing, Teresa said that the worst part of the banishment ceremonies was the lack of an open bar. "They put us on a two-drink limit which was some bullsh*t. Two stars because of the lack of alcohol," she joked.

Running her own business, Teresa emcees award nights, weddings, and DJs, so coming onto The Traitors felt like "a natural progression" for her. And she was a natural in front of the camera, playing the game with an unparalleled ferocity only matched by her comic timing.

"I'm bloody hilarious," she laughed. "That's just me. Any of my mates watching, everyone is just like, oh it's Teresa. I was really lucky to be my authentic self... they cut out heaps of my jokes though," she said, adding that most of her "borderline chaotic" comments weren't fit for TV.

Early on in the game, Teresa's name was thrown out as a possible suspect as a Traitor. Time and time again she found herself having to defend her innocence which wasn't so much difficult as it was tiring.

"It's so exhausting when you have to constantly reassure that you are Faithful," she explained. "I'd say it with such passion and everyone's like... nup. Like, I'm not acting! [I'd give] Oscar Award-winning expression and people are just like nup, you're a Traitor. It was exhausting.

"At first they were just trying to get rid of anybody that had a voice and I was like, okay you guys are worse at this game than me! Unfortunately, it was a little bit of a popularity contest... luckily I was popular, so I got to stay in," she said with a cackle.

"I think I made friends with Traitors, hence why I stayed in, but that was my gameplay as well. My superpower is people," Teresa continued. "I can talk to anyone, I love people, I love talking. I enjoy it a lot and I like bonding with people.

"That was my gameplay, get them to like me so if I leave, they cry!"

And cry they did. During one tense breakfast where no one had been eliminated, Teresa was the last to arrive. Everyone assumed she had been murdered by the Traitors and the table erupted in sobs. Waltzing into the room for her daily fix of bacon, Teresa's expression of joy gave way to confused concern.

"Even then, even after that, people were just like, 'You didn't come in and look surprised!' I was like, are you joking? Play it back!"

Though she was obviously devastated to narrowly miss out on the grand finale of the season, Teresa knew her neck was firmly on the chopping block heading into what would become her last banishment ceremony and felt like she was almost ready for her game to be over.

"The lack of sleep, the paranoia, so many conversations and I just don't think I could have saved myself," she admitted. "Looking back now, I wish I had just said something at that table like, 'Lewis, Craig, we're not looking in the right place!'

"I don't know what happened," she said. "By the end of it, I was just like ah, I've had enough bacon, thank you."

Throughout the course of the season, Teresa also faced off against fellow Faithful Kate, both wrongly believing the other was actually a Traitor. But recently Kate became the latest Traitor to be recruited, something Teresa admits she should have picked up on.

During one car ride, Teresa asked Kate who she thought was a remaining Traitor, which Kate shrugged off, admitting she had no idea who it could be.

"She had never said that before! I don't know why I didn't click that something had happened because she was always so forthcoming with who she thought it was and she was the new Traitor Hunter," Teresa said, adding, "so I'm an idiot."

Though she wasn't able to win the prize pool of silver bars, Teresa said she had been competing to help support the sports clubs she is the president of.

"I’m the president of a rugby league club and netball club, and then I’m the president of the Perth Cook Island community so there are about 1,300 kids and it breaks my heart when you cannot be involved in a community activity because of money. There are no hardship funds for kids that can’t afford all of the playing fees.

"I was hoping to start hardship funds for the clubs, I was hoping to help more kids get into sports. I'm huge on community activity and kids being part of something that teaches them resilience and they're depended on.

"It teaches kids to be better adults and gives them a support network and better friends, and I'm a huge advocate for that," Teresa said, adding, "and a handbag. I want a handbag... like, a good one."

While she wasn't able to take home the prize pool, Teresa is already working on her Plan B.

"I was trying to sell my red tracksuit for $250,000 so, if you know anyone who wants a jumpsuit... or a stuffed peacock?"

The Traitors Grand Finale airs Sunday, November 13 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand