The Real Love Boat 2022: Meet The Full Cast

Australia’s most eligible singles are about to set sail on the journey of a lifetime in the hopes of finding their perfect match.

Boarding the Princess Cruises ship, Regal Princess, our singles will be joined by host Darren McMullen, Cruise Director Hannah Ferrier, Head of Entertainment Daniel Doody, and Princess Cruises’ Captain Paolo Arrigo as they set sail around Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Turkey and Montenegro.

Setting sail on October 5 on 10 and 10 play on demand, with destination dates and surprise singles, our passengers’ connections will be put to the test as our crew members play matchmaker and navigate the murky waters of love.

Before we crack a bottle of bubbles and christen this brand new season, let’s meet the cast for The Real Love Boat 2022.

Ben, 39, QLD

Having spent several years overseas, Ben has returned to Queensland and is ready to settle down with a partner “with ambition, confidence, and someone who is comfortable in her own skin and can laugh at herself”.

The wellbeing coach and speaker took some time out from the dating game after his past relationship, but now Ben is ready to find that perfect partner to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, promising to offer them “a sense of fun, adventure, and loyalty”.

Chelsea, 28, QLD

Growing up in Adelaide, Chelsea has made Brisbane her home for the last three years. Owning her own hairdresser salon, Chelsea is hoping to find someone aboard The Real Love Boat who can match her quirky, fun, and non-judgemental approach to life.

When asked what her relationship deal breakers are Chelsea said, “Smokers… each to their own but I’m just not about it. I don’t do toxic relationships or games. I’m a smart woman with crazy intuition and emotional intelligence and I will not tolerate any of that.”

Chris, 29, ACT

Canberra born and raised, Chris is a director of his real estate agency. Having recently purchased his first home, he and his beautiful dog are now ready to share their lives with a perfect partner. Having previously prioritised his career, the occasional workaholic is ready to focus on his love life. So long as they don’t mind that he sleeps with socks on for 90 percent of the year.

As a bisexual man, Chris has often struggled to put himself out there as he’s been concerned about how a potential partner could take that information. Still, he’s ready to board The Real Love Boat to find “someone who shares my passion for travel, can help me be the best version of myself and wants to enjoy life with me”.

Courtney, 25, VIC

Describing her dream date, functions manager Courtney said, “My dream date could be casual and chill, such as going down to the pub, playing the pokies drinking a red wine. Or, it could be fun and flirty - so going out to a beautiful, sexy restaurant with dim lighting, getting dressed up to the nines and eating fancy food.”

When she’s not at sexy restaurants or swooning over celebrity crush Gerard Butler (“Hooley Dooley that man makes me weak at my knees”), Courtney is looking for someone who wants the same things in life as she does; a house, marriage and kids. “When the right partner comes along, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to make them happy and feel appreciated. I have love, kindness, support, loyalty, honesty and great communication. I’m never judgemental, I have the best humour and I’m as silly and goofy as they come.”

Dalton, 27, QLD

When given five words to describe himself, Dalton said he was “fun, cheeky, loving, playful and generous”. Having grown up on the peninsula in Rosebud, Victoria, he has a lot to offer a potential partner — including always bringing home too many donuts when you’ve had a bad day.

His dream date includes watching the sun go down with an amazing beach view while enjoying some good music and a bottle of sparkling, which sounds like he’ll be right at home on The Real Love Boat.

Daniel, 25, QLD

Distillery manager Daniel hails from the Gold Coast and is ready to set sail on his next adventure. Having been in two relationships in the past, Daniel feels like he has a lot to offer his next potential partner — including all the perks of being “a big and tall man” like reaching things in high places, opening jars or… spontaneous interpretive dance routines.

“I’m fun, caring and like making the most out of my life but, most importantly, I want everyone around me to make the most of and enjoy their lives too,” Daniel said admitting that his celebrity crushes range from Ana de Armas, Jessica Alba or Denzel Washington. “And Chris Hemsworth’s arms of course.”

Harley & Jesse, 23, QLD

Twin brothers Harley and Jesse have signed up to The Real Love Boat adventure together, hoping they have double the luck in finding their perfect matches. Carpenter Jesse and personal trainer, physiotherapist assistant and finance broker Harley are both ready to find that special someone.

Having been in a previous long-term relationship, Harley is aware that he now knows what he wants from a relationship which “Makes it harder for the right one to come along. And they just haven’t yet.” Meanwhile, brother Jesse is looking for someone who treats everyone equally. “I’m a caring guy, and very chilled. I would do anything for my partner.”

Jack, 34, NSW

Jack's major relationship dealbreaker is "if they don't like music", which explains why his dream date takes place entirely at the Glastonbury Music Festival. The carpenter has fallen in love with previous partners, but chose to remain single following past relationships.

Now, Jack's ready to take the next step and see what The Real Love Boat has to offer him. The 34-year-old says he has a lot to offer a partner, describing himself as "friendly, honest, wild, funny and happy". Will Jack be music to someone's ears?

Jay, 30, NSW

Single dad and business owner Jay says the reason he’s still single all comes down to timing, but he knows he’s the ultimate catch for the right woman. And he’s hoping she’s a fellow passenger on The Real Love Boat.

When describing his dream date Jay said it would include “a sunset, a winery and a few good drinks, or a dinner with live music, and a game of pool”. Jay also said his celebrity crush just so happened to be Darren McMullen, so he’s on the perfect show.

Josh, 28, NSW

Josh may be very picky, but he knows what he wants in a relationship. His last relationship was just over a year ago, “We met through friends. It was a beautiful relationship but, in the end, we were just two very different people.”

Describing himself as “outgoing, bubbly, caring, well-travelled and loving” the adventure coordinator is looking for a foodie with great taste in music, and just hopes his high-energy personality doesn’t make his potential matches run in the other direction.

Katie, 25, QLD

Katie knows what she wants in a partner, and she’s ready to make the ultimate team. Hoping that person is aboard The Real Love Boat, Katie is ready for the next stage in her life. She’s looking for someone with “humour, kindness, intelligence, thoughtfulness, assertiveness, and someone who is outgoing” and admits her celebrity crushes are “any of the Hemsworths, Sam Hunt, and I am also a bit One Direction fan”.

Outgoing, bubbly, friendly, goofy and down to Earth, Katie has no time for arrogance, liars, a lack of intentions and anyone who isn’t supportive. When asked why she thinks she’s still single, Katie simply said, “You tell me! Maybe I am too independent?”

Keanu, 26, NSW

Having been in love once before, Keanu described it as a “nice, warm but weird feeling”. He’s hoping to feel nice, warm but weird all over again when he meets the one on The Real Love Boat. The disability support worker admits that he may be “the most loyal and loving person when he’s in a committed relationship”, he can’t help but love receiving attention from other girls, which he hopes won’t scare a potential partner.

Describing his dream date as “adventuring around the beach and discovering hidden waterfalls”, Keanu won’t be sticking to the rivers and the lakes that he’s used to, and says his perfect partner will never feel bored when they’re together.

Moana, 26, QLD

When asked why she believes she’s the ultimate catch, Moana said, “I’m funny, ambitious, honest and HOT! And an all-round genuine person.” After needing to take some time out from the dating world to “build a better foundation for her life before giving her love to someone else”, Moana is ready to take that next step with someone special.

Moana wants her partner to always be the best version of themselves and wants to be the one to help elevate them to always make sure they feel they are at their greatest. Her dealbreaker is simple, “If they are mean to me or other people - a hard NO!”

Mikaila, 23, QLD

Born and raised in the Whitsundays, Mikaila now calls the Gold Coast home and is looking for her other half. She’s boarding The Real Love Boat in hopes of finding the one. “The Mediterranean fits my adventurous nature and I am always up for doing things outside of my comfort zone. I have always said that I will meet ‘the one’ organically and not on any dating apps.”

Having been in love before, Mikaila said, “The best feeling in the world is to be able to give your heart and feel you have theirs. It’s the rush of butterflies when you see them, the excitement for the future. Everything feels better when you say those words, I love you.”

Naomi, 28, QLD

Business manager Naomi grew up in Sydney and now lives on the Gold Coast, and she’s on the hunt for someone with similar qualities to her own including honesty, loyalty, adventure and a lot of communication. Her dealbreakers are, unsurprisingly, “Lying, cheating, wandering eyes, someone who cannot communicate their emotions and someone that doesn’t work on themselves.”

Naomi says she “can be untrusting and jealous and sometimes I need a lot of reassurance from my partner,” but she’s looking for that perfect match to learn and grow together, be silly sometimes and “be into self-development”.

Paddy, 27, NSW

Paddy is a chef, so he knows the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Creative, enthusiastic, emotionally mature and passionate about finding balance in life, Paddy is ready to find his perfect partner. “Humour is essential,” he said, “I also look for someone who is driven but can be silly and not take life too seriously all the time. I am also attracted to someone who is affectionate, spontaneous, adventurous and effortlessly kind.”

While he’s ready to fall in love with his perfect match, Paddy admits that despite being extremely attentive face-to-face, “I struggle to communicate well electronically and may, unintentionally, seem dismissive or distant.”

Paul, 28, WA

While he calls Perth home, Paul is originally born in Nice, France and grew up in a nearby town called Villefranche-sur-Mer. Returning to the idyllic beaches and coastlines of his home, Paul hopes to find his perfect partner, with the most important qualities being “a down-to-Earth nature and someone who is beautiful on the inside and out”.

When asked the one trait that may make a potential partner run in the other direction Paul said, “None! Joking… maybe my ego?” When asked to describe his perfect date he said, “the date makes me forget that I’m in one. Long chats about our lives, past, present and future. I like it when things are spontaneous and haven’t been planned ahead too much.”

Sally, 31, WA

Wedding dress designer and Perth local Sally is a single mum looking to find her perfect match on board The Real Love Boat. Offering her potential future partner “lots of love, care and support” Sally also said, “I would cheer them on in their career and life. I am also fun and we can have lots of laughs”.

Following her previous relationship, Sally has yet to find the right person to settle down with, admitting that enjoying her own peace and alone time may be part of the reason why she is still single. Confident in who she is, a strong woman and mum, Sally is ready to take a huge leap into love.

Sari, 24, QLD

While Sari hasn’t been in love before, she loves the idea of love and is hoping that this adventure helps her finally find it. Strong-minded and passionate, Sari hopes her “big mouth” doesn’t get in the way of finding her soulmate.

Describing herself as “Straight-forward, opinionated, independent, unpredictable and real”, her dream date is quite simply “anything with lots of food”. Looking for someone who “puts family first, is politically driven and is caring”, Sari believes the reason she’s still single is because she knows exactly what she wants from a relationship. Let’s hope she finds it on board The Real Love Boat.

Tyler, 23, NSW

“Chronically single” Tyler is a digital strategist from Sydney who, despite being ready to find her perfect partner, has never been on a date before. All that’s about to change, with Tyler saying she’s got a lot to offer a potential partner. “I just want to be their best friend, their confidante, their therapist and their soulmate.”

For Tyler, open communication, honesty, banter and charisma are what she’s looking for in a partner, and her high-energy, dorky and loud nature will hopefully attract exactly that while she’s on The Real Love Boat. And if all else fails, she knows her potential partner’s mum will love her.

The Real Love Boat sets sail on Wednesday, October 5 on 10 and 10 play on demand