The Masked Singer Australia 2022 Reveals: See Every Celebrity

Find out which celebs have been revealed on Season 4 of The Masked Singer Australia so far. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Returning for its fourth season, Australia's favourite wacky guessing game is back with a new panel and a new cast of incredible masks hiding huge celebs.

In each episode, one massive celeb will be unmasked, and their identity revealed to the panel and the nation.

We're keeping an eye on every clue, every hint and every guess that comes our way, but for anyone looking to see which celebs have been revealed, we'll update this list after each celeb responds to our cries of "Take it off! Take it off!"

Find out which celebrities have been unmasked on The Masked Singer Australia 2022 so far:

Episode 1: Knight

The Masked Singer Australia -Ryan Maloney

Revealed to be: Ryan Maloney

The Neighbours star was our first celeb unmasked this year after a rousing performance of Ed Sheeran's "Bad Habits". While the Knight mask already had his head removed, the Ramsay Street royal joked that after 28 years on Neighbours, "This is the shortest job I have ever had!"

Though his time on The Masked Singer stage came to an early end, Ryan managed to sneak past the guessing panel without any suspicion, as Abbie, Mel B, Chrissie and Hughsey's final guesses included Shannon Noll,  Nick Cummins, Brendan Fevola and David Hasselhoff.

Episode 2: Caterpillar

The Masked Singer S4 - Lisa Curry

Revealed to be: Lisa Curry

Australian gold medalist and sporting legend Lisa Curry was the second celeb to take their mask off. After she performed “Cloudy Day” by Tones and I, Lisa was unmasked and told the panel, “Caterpillars can’t sing… but they do turn into butterflies and that I can do”.

During her short stint in the Caterpillar mask, Lisa was able to fool the panel, though there was a sneaking suspicion for half the panel that it could be a sports star with the four of them guessing Caterpillar could be Sally Pearson, Emily Seebohm Carrie Bickmore or Schapelle Corby.

Episode 3 – Thong

The Masked Singer Season 4 - Pia Miranda

Revealed to be: Pia Miranda

Having performed “Footloose” and Pink’s “So What”, Thong was the third celebrity to be revealed as none other than Aussie Icon and Australian Survivor champion Pia Miranda. All smiles after her unmasking, Pia felt right at home in the huge Thong costume revealing, “I used to be Tweety Bird at Movie World”. Despite all the clues in front of them, the panel weren’t able to guess Pia’s true identity, instead thinking she could be anyone from Bindi Irwin to Iggy Azalea and even MasterChef’s Khanh Ong.

While Pia was able to conceal her true identity from the panel, she explained to Osher that the only people she really hoped she had concealed herself from were her kids. “When I was practising at home, I was trying to sneak away so they didn’t know, so I’m hoping that we can have a really good experience together,” she said adding, “sorry for lying to you again”.

Episode 4 - Tiger

The Masked Singer Australia Season 4 - Jamie Durie

Revealed to be: Jamie Durie

Aussie TV Icon Jamie Durie was unmasked after a song duel with Popcorn. Jamie performed a rousing rendition of “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins that had the panel on their feet and whipping out their best air drum solos. Having performed all over the world, Jamie looked quite at home prowling around on the Masked Singer stage which he said came with time. “I think the first time I set foot on stage I was about 16, that’s when I started and this is my 59th series of TV,” he told the panel.

Making an early impression on Abbie Chatfield in particular, the cheeky Tiger brought out the best in all of the panel with Jamie admitting, “There is a little bit of Tiger still left in me, don’t worry about that.”

Episode 5 - Zombie

The Masked Singer - Emma Watkins

Revealed to be: Emma Watkins

Emma "Yellow Wiggle" Watkins was unmasked as the Zombie, earning Chrissie Swan another victory as she proves herself to be quite the detective. Performing a hauntingly beautiful cover of "Creep", Emma joked with the panel after her unmasking that she may need to move onto another character quite quickly so as not to spook her army of adoring young fans with her undead antics.

Though Emma became a worldwide sensation during her time with The Wiggles, she admitted that The Masked Singer gave her a rare opportunity. "I'm really nervous about singing, I grew up as a dancer so I really only learned to sing through the Wiggles and so I was always very afraid to sing in front of people," she said. "The idea of this show was absolutely perfect, I'm actually very grateful to Zombie and I owe her everything."

Episode 6 – Gnome

The Masked Singer - Matt Preston

Revealed to be: Matt Preston

He may have been one of the biggest masks we’ve seen on the stage, but Gnome was only in the competition for a short while. Banging out his version of The Monkees’ iconic “I’m A Believer”, the former MasterChef judge couldn’t believe how quickly Chrissie Swan was able to crack his true identity. “You are psychic Chrissie; you always have been,” Matt joked after his unmasking, adding that the moment he heard Chrissie was on the panel he knew he was in trouble. “There was no way I was going to get past you,” he said.

Explaining why he decided to don the giant Gnome outfit, Matt said The Masked Singer was “so totally wrong” adding that despite having “no skill” in dancing and singing, when he was offered the opportunity, “It was one of those moments you go, okay, I have to do this. I have to do this!”

Episode 7 - Popcorn

Revealed to be: Sam Sparro

The panel's favourite snack was finally unmasked, revealing none other than Sam Sparro! After hearing Popcorn sing a beautiful version of "Over the Rainbow" Mel B was spot-on with her guess, hearing more of his real voice from under the mask. Thrilled to have Mel guess him correctly, the self-described Spice Boy told her, "I don't think I would have survived High School without the Spice Girls... you've been a big part of my life."

Describing his time as Popcorn as "Surreal, bizarre, strange, hectic, but a lot of fun", Sam went on to say he learned something through the experience. "I realised I've become more introverted as my life's changed, I've gotten older. So, kind of being able to hide in the beginning, it was fun but then I realised how much I like connecting with people, being able to look at them in the eyes and see who I'm performing to."

Episode 8 – Blowfly

Shannon Noll - The Masked Singer

Revealed to be: Shannon Noll

The man, the myth, the Australian music legend Shannon Noll was unmasked as the Blowfly to the absolute delight of Abbie Chatfield who had been certain for weeks that she had cracked his identity. Ironically, this was also the first time Dave Hughes hadn’t assumed one of the masks was Nollsy, with the singer joking to Hughesy, “You pick me every other year!”

Nollsy’s unmasking also served as a reunion between himself and Osher, standing onstage next to each other once again like they did back in the days of Australian Idol. “I couldn’t see much out of the eyes, but I could see him every chance the camera was on you guys,” Nollsy told the panel, admitting that he would often catch Osher trying to steal a peek of who might be behind the mask.

Episode 9 – Microphone

Revealed to be: Michelle Williams

Mel B was on the money with this one, almost immediately recognising the iconic voice of Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams. After her unmasking, Michelle told Mel, “It is such an honour to meet you. From one girl group to another girl group who is the blueprint, who paved the way. The times we were in London, all those times in the early 2000s, we’d meet everybody… but not the Spice Girls!”

Though she arrived later in the competition than some masks, Michelle’s performances blew the panel away, especially her rendition of A Great Big World’s “Say Something”. Speaking about the raw emotion the panel felt during the performance Michelle explained, “It’s no secret I was engaged and then it did not work out. I just remember those words, it kind of articulated this is what I’ve been wanting to say, and so when you’re just like ‘say something I’m giving up on you’… it’s until you really emote it in full voice it was almost like therapy… it just came out in that way but, again, that’s what music can do to you when you just let it go.”

Episode 10 - Poodle

Revealed to be: Tori Spelling

For one night only, Hollywood royalty Tori Spelling dropped in and wowed the panel as the Poodle mask. Completely fooling Hughesy, Abbie, Mel B and Chrissie, Tori convinced them she was everyone from Katy Perry to Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton. “That was such a compliment,” Tori told Mel B after she had been convinced her fellow Spice Girl was under the mask. Admitting that coming to Australia had always been on her bucket list, Tori was happy to drop in for just a few days, even if she was terrified of performing in front of a live audience and singing. “When I was little, somebody told me I was tone deaf, so I gave up that dream, but I always loved it in my heart” she explained.

Episode 11- Rooster

Revealed to be: Hugh Sheridan

The Rooster had the panel plucking mad with his ability to change his voice each week while performing. But for the last few weeks, Abbie Chatfield was sure she knew who was behind the mask and was proven right when it was revealed to be Hugh Sheridan. “It’s my sister’s favourite show, my nephew’s favourite show, and I realised everyone loves it,” Hugh told the panel. “Last year I had a bunch of friends die, including my dad. Not to be a downer but I wanted to do something fun.

“I wanted to do something to cheer up my family, and also the whole world had a hard year last year — and the year before. So I thought, this is pure entertainment and, for me, has been quite the journey.” Hugh added that when he first put the Rooster mask on, he experienced panic attacks, brought on by claustrophobia. “I didn’t think I was going to last a week and then I crossed a line with the Rooster and I just said… take me!”

Episode 11 - Snapdragon

Revealed to be: Sheldon Riley

After his fabulously floral mask was removed, Sheldon Riley came face-to-face with the woman who had his number for weeks. Chrissie Swan was delighted to see Sheldon’s face under the mask — and Sheldon was delighted to see anything at all! “I haven’t seen anything this entire season,” he said after finally removing his mask.

“It’s been a really long road for me,” Sheldon said of his decision to ditch masks altogether. “I’ve done the masks for ages… I was diagnosed with Aspergers as a kid so people always worried about me.” Sheldon said. “It was something I never wanted to blame on what was going on mentally so I started blaming what was happening physically for a really long time. Just not loving myself for a very long time. It wasn’t until these shows that I realised I need to be so proud of my talent and I don’t need a mask to do what I do.”

Episode 11 - Mirrorball

Melody Thornton - The Masked Singer Australia

Revealed to be: Melody Thornton

The final reveal of the night, our winner for 2022, Mirrorball was one of the toughest masks for the panel to guess. Having almost eluded them for the entire season it all came down to Dave Hughes who correctly picked former Pussycat Dolls star Melody Thornton behind the mask. Thrilled to be crowned the season’s winner, Melody praised the panel’s feedback saying, “It was just so nice to just have love comments and encouragement as well to bring this character alive more and more. It made me safer and safer.” Melody also said becoming Mirrorball helped her relationship with herself. “It brought me closer to myself, as weird as that sounds.”

Struggling with self-doubt, Melody wanted to throw herself into The Masked Singer. “I wanted to know if some of the things I was telling myself were true, because people are voting for you - they don’t know it’s you,” she explained. “You just want to be sure you’re still doing a good job and, yeah, you sing because you want other people to be inspired to sing.”

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