All The Clues From Episode 5 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2022

For the first time in Masked Singer Australia history, a brand-new Wildcard entered the competition!

On Monday night Osher dropped the bombshell that a new mask would be making their debut alongside some of our favourites. That means another super secret celebrity identity for us to get to the bottom of.

As Mirrorball, Zombie and Blowfly returned to the stage, they were joined by the fabulous and glamorous Microphone.

Like always, we've collected all the clues, hints and guesses from the panel to help you crack which celebrities could be hiding behind the masks.


Our Wildcard mask, Microphone, joined the competition and brought along a whole new slab of clues. Standing between two statues - both wearing blue and yellow scarves - Microphone had a butterfly land in one hand and a dove in the other. Standing among the stars, a rocket ship took off next to Microphone, before the blue background turned to black, and she was holding a purple cloth or gown. Then, standing next to a punching bag, Microphone played Scissors Paper Rock, winning two of the three rounds but when she lost she slapped the punching bag next to her. Microphone was also seen in handcuffs being escorted by police, but then the screen flooded with pink light and the police officers tangoed off-screen, leaving Microphone behind.

Clues: I'm Microphone and I'm here to bring some real glamour. I didn't start in a place like this, in fact, I took quite a different path and doubted my own abilities but I eventually learned to believe in me. Microphones are meant for those special, uplifting moments. We know the dark times too, but you only see the purple patches. I believe you make your own future, but a bit of luck never hurts either! I was almost involved in a life of crime, and my parents would have been proud! I got two years, but thankfully I had the best lawyer money can buy.

Song: "Ain't Nobody" by Rufus & Chaka Khan

Guesses: Michelle Williams, Brandy, Sarah Ferguson, Halsey


Zombie's clues once again hinted that she departed from a group as she wandered in the opposite direction from a mob of other zombies. Zombie was once again handing out fruit to passengers on her plane, this time some bananas that were a little over-ripe, highlighting their yellow and black colouring. Carrying a suitcase with stickers that read "Ticket to Ryde" and "PHD Philidelphia", Zombie also played keyboard while bodyguards and a leprechaun did an Irish jig behind her.

Clues: I'm a Zombie but I don't follow the pack, my teenage years were spent in the golden arches! Now, I have quite a few strings to my bow... yellow and black? I was saving that for myself! What I do is dangerous work, ill health seems to follow zombies wherever they go. I haven't always had the drive, but I do know my place and my place isn't doing this. I'm Zombie, and I'm ready for takeoff!

Song: "Creep" by Radiohead

Guesses: Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Rachel McAdams, Bec Hewitt, Emma Watkins


Blowfly once again made a special delivery to a bodyguard, but this time his pizza box had a small fish inside. Meanwhile, the bodyguard was dressed up like a cricketer. Standing outside his pizzeria, Blowfly stood next to a sign that advertised a "Red Dog Pizza - all raw!" as a one-night-only special. We also saw a red dog barking and jumping for a ball in front of the sign, while a bodyguard wearing a big fake moustache used a footy like a gun. Blowfly then held out a copy of a book titled "Dancing for Beginners" and pointed to a wall behind him that had five round plates - almost like records - hanging on it.

Clues: I'm the Blowfly, and I've made a good start to the competition. They say home is where the heart is and maybe the hope, I just know that love will be rewarded fourfold. Is a motorscooter big enough? Not really! I like the power, turn on the gas. I'm Blowfly and I know a lot about records.

Song: "Chains" by Tina Arena

Guesses: Rob Shehadie, Merv Hughes, Shannon Noll


Our final performer of the night, Mirrorball, lit up the stage once more, but in her clues, we saw our disco diva wearing a wedding veil and carrying a baby, before chucking the baby doll to one bodyguard, and rejecting the proposal of another bodyguard. Mirrorball and a bodyguard were then seen following numbered steps on the floor to perform a dance before she picked up the sixth step and tossed it aside. A bodyguard also read a newspaper with the headline "Mirrorball dead!" and on the other page "Torville and Dean Win Gold!" while another bodyguard held up a picture of a lightbulb above Mirrorball's head as she handed over wads of cash.

Clues: I'm Mirrorball and I shine every chance I get. I'm not married with children, that was before my time. Finding a good man was hard, I've looked everywhere. East and, yes, even west. Let me tell you, dating is no laughing matter. Let's not dance around the issue, I was the odd one out for years. Am I on a vendetta? I'm not saying, I'm too sweet! I have my heroes, I followed their examples but did it all myself. Who can you rely on? Only your family and an Aussie. I'm Mirrorball and I'm not saying goodbye tonight!

Song: "Always" by Bon Jovi

Guesses: Samantha Jade, Anna Kendrick, Nicole Richie, Pamela Anderson

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