All The Clues From Episode 3 Of The Masked Singer 2020

Five of our masks performed once again, and with another shock reveal came many, many more clues that left us scratching our heads.

Though our beautiful Goldfish was unmasked, four celebs still hide behind an array of clues, back-up dancers and outfits that honestly are making us yearn for a good ol' Halloween party.

Our esteemed guessing panel suggested quite an array of names that could be under the masks, but take a look at the clues you may have missed and see if you agree.


This is one mysterious bug who has definitely seen the world and while Jackie O attempted to once again dial her good mate Sophie Monk while Dragonfly was onstage, Soph didn't call back until later in the show. Suspicious... but she did go on to refer to our stunning insect as a "moth" so, maybe that theory has been debunked... or?

Song: Tones and I - 'Dance Monkey'

Clues: This Dragonfly loves the country, but the blues are never far away. Am I an Aussie hillbilly? I’m always trying to pluck the right note. Dragonflies are on almost every continent and I spend my time in the toughest jungle. Escaping from the horror was a relief. I don’t put up barricades and I don’t like to be judgemental, but sometimes I can’t help it. Sometimes I still feel like the ugly duckling with almost 100 reasons for winning The Masked Singer.

Internationally I might be best known for my classical work.

Guesses: Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Jo Beth Taylor, Celine Dion, MacKenzie Scott (Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife)


Our radical reptile had hearts fluttering and necks... frilling when he took to the stage, and even had Urzila swooning, but when it was revealed Frillneck was playing a game of chess with cockroaches, eyebrows were definitely raised. Frillneck was also seen with protesters holding signs that said things like "We Love Tony" and "Death Is Nigh", so there's also that.

But it was a reference to Miley Cyrus that had our guessing panel convinced a Hemsworth might actually be hiding under the mask.

Song: Topic ft. A7S - 'Breaking Me'

Clues: I gave 100% last time and I got everyone up. And you’re all going to learn that you ain’t seen nothing yet. In life, you never know what the right move is, so I like to task risks. They don’t always pay off but no pain, no gain. And remember, your critics aren’t always right, that’s why sometimes you have to ignore the rules. It’s easy to be judged in our society, but we also love a larrikin even when they get caught in stockings. And I don’t care what Miley Cyrus says. I’m not always recognised, and people don’t believe who I say I am. That’s okay because I don’t always enjoy being in the sun. But now, I’m back in the spotlight and I’m here to stay.

What I do now wasn’t my first choice of career. Or my second. Or even my third.

Guesses: Liam Hemsworth, Peter Rowsthorn, Tim Minchin


For once it actually made sense for us to be screaming "Yaasss Queen" at our TV as our royal diva belted out some incredibly high notes. But we were still racking our brains trying to figure out why Queen's bodyguards had long, wispy beards -- or why they were wearing uniforms that looked a lot like the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Song: The Rolling Stones - 'Paint It Black'

Clues: A Queen can be many things. Even when I was very very naughty, I was applauded by my greatest critics. Nobody puts baby in the corner. I’m comfortable in public, crowds don’t bother me. Although I do like to travel by coach. Yes, there have been many stages in my life. Sometimes I am the Queen and sometimes the jester. But my sporting heritage cannot be denied. This is not my first time at being piggy in the middle. But I didn’t let that experience stand in my way. Every Queen reaches for the stars, standing on the shoulders of our loyal subjects. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but tonight will be my checkmate.

I’ve been to a polo club but I’ve never played polo.

Guesses: Kim Kardashian, Danielle Spencer, Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate Miller-Heidke


The third celebrity to be revealed, Goldfish stumped our guessing panel as they tried to crack her secret identity. Seen drinking an enormous Bloody Mary cocktail (goals), Goldfish also read a bedtime story in a room decked out with rainbow flags.

Song: Bon Jovi - 'It's My Life'

Clues: Last time I sang I had Hughesy hook, line and sinker. And tonight I’m going to blow it out of the water. I love children and children love Goldfish. They don’t all want to grow up and be Goldfish but sometimes they do. You just have to allow them to let their hair down and follow their dream. We Goldfish don’t really have a home. And that makes me sad. I only knew what I wanted to do because of Johnny Young, but I was no Dannii Minogue. It took a while to get there, I mostly find myself in the background, seen but not heard and that is completely wrong. Because I’m going to be heard tonight.

For a while, I shared my name with an Eastern Goddess.

Guesses: Ruby Rose, Tina Arena, Lauren Burns, Justine Clarke

Revealed to be: Christine Anu


Though Dannii is still incredibly creeped out by Puppet, one thing's for sure - his voice is anything but scary. Taking on a Queen classic, Puppet showed off his vocal range once again, hinting at his past as a judge of some kind and some relation to... cows?! We have no idea either.

Song: Queen - 'Somebody To Love'

Clues: There has been magic in what I do, though granting wishes isn’t my usual job, I could do it until the cows come home. Am I the sort who flies by the seat of his pants? Well I have walked to the beat of a different drum. Am I wise? I have been in the past. When I took my inspiration from the old testament. But don’t judge me for that. I have been the bridesmaid many times and I finally get to be the bride, taking many hands in marriage. I couldn’t be a happier puppet except when I finally win The Masked Singer.

For most of my childhood, my parents called me George, but that’s not my name.

Guesses: Red Symons, Will Smith, Ben Gillies, Jonathan Coleman

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