All The Clues From Episode 1 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2023

Get ready for a brand-new season of Australia’s wildest guessing game!

It’s the nation’s favourite singing competition that sees famous faces behind absolutely wild and wacky masks, all for us to try and figure out which celebs are performing in front of our very eyes!

Some may disguise their voice, and some may try and trick us with red herrings or cryptic clues, but along with our guessing panel, we’ll crack the case wide open one way or another!

Speaking of our guessing panel, Mel B, Abbie Chatfield, Chrissie Swan and Dave Hughes are all back to help us try and figure out who’s hiding behind the mask. The first episode of the season introduced us to half of our brand-new masks, and while we think we may have figured out a few hints… we’ve still got a lot of work to do.

Here are all the hints and clues from Episode 1 of The Masked Singer Australia:

Cow Girl

She’s udderly adorable, so why was the Cow Girl holding a framed photo of Mel B during her clue package? Is she a Spice Girl in disguise? Is lactose a spice? Singing one of Mel’s most iconic Spice Girl anthems got the crowd moo-ving, but did you have any luck figuring out who was behind the mask?

CLUES: The one thing everyone believes about cows is that we’re vegan - you’d think we’d leave certain foods untouched. Course, what you might not know about a Cow Girl is that we don't like staying in one place, even when young. Obviously, I’m not in the same place I was born. Do I have a favourite location? Anywhere free! You know, pro bono! There anything else you need to know about me? Only that you don’t have to come first, but it’s nice when you do!

SONG: Wannabe - Spice Girls

GUESSES: Jessica Origliasso, Kimbra, Pamela Anderson, Shania Twain

Crash Test Dummy

While Crash Test Dummy was busy driving around in bumper cars, we were trying to figure out just who that familiar voice could be. During his clue package, Crash Test Dummy also mentioned being “one step behind” in taking the gold, and he was shown holding a silver second-place medal. While Crash Test Dummy was our first celeb to be revealed this season, did you have any idea who it was?

CLUES: As a Crash Test Dummy I’m used to being slammed… a lot! Of course, it could make you angry, make you burst into flames! But not me, I always manage. That’s because I’m always being watched intensely, there are cameras in every direction and when you live like I do you can have countless lives. In my life, I’ve learned everyone wants to take the gold but from the start, I was one step behind that. But I’m close to other colours too! Let me say one last thing, a Crash Test Dummy doesn’t travel far each time but it adds up to nearly a hundred thou and I like the sound of that!

SONG: Stitches - Shawn Mendes

GUESSES: Niall Horan, Nick Carter, John Steffensen, Donnie Wahlberg

Space Fairy

It’s all love for our adorable Space Fairy, performing an out-of-this-world rendition of Hit ‘Em Up Style. There were also a few visual and audio clues about a baby – or mini Space Fairy – and when she was talking about learning lessons, Space Fairy was seen next to a clapper that had “Mind Body Soul” written on it, with both Mind and Soul crossed out.

CLUES: I’m the Space Fairy! Am I from a different planet? I’m certainly from a different world. Landing in Australia, was it love at first sight? There’s no drama in that, but it’s too much having a life dissected in minute detail. Hear that? The pitter-patter of tiny feet! You can probably tell this isn’t really my space, I prefer the sun. Somewhere filled with light! There’s no shame in that. Either way, there are so many lessons to be learned on earth, and if we learn from our mistakes I’m the smartest Fairy there is! Nowadays I’m always on.

Q: Were you born overseas?A: I’m a Space Fairy, I was born and live in the waves travelling around the Earth.

SONG: Hit 'Em Up Style - Blu Cantrell

GUESSES: Grimes, Raven-Symoné, Joss Stone, Sza

Bad Avocado

For the first time this season, Mel cracked out her bedazzled dossier, full of all her celebrity goss and secrets, but we’re not sure if that got her any closer to cracking the case of who was behind the Bad Avocado?

CLUES: I’m a Bad Avocado, so what? People treat me like they know me, that’s enough to brown off anyone! Y’know, most Avocados grew up with a lot of warmth and heat, I was a bit green when I came to attention. You’d think that would make me highly strung, but I know when to call it quits and just let it slide. Would you like a slice? Just look at it through my eyes, there’s a lot to unpack in someone’s life, so quit the judgment, okay? They reckon that time heals, we’ll see about that!

SONG: Better Days - Neiked & Mae Muller

GUESSES: Martha Kalifatidis, Olivia Molly Rogers, Bindi Irwin, Ash Barty

Grim Reaper

Did Grim Reaper’s performance blow you away? Because we think he killed it! But who could be hiding behind the mask? And why was he standing next to a mausoleum-looking door that had the word “Rice” on it? The guessing panel definitely had some strong guesses, and some very emotional reactions to his incredible rendition of the Billie Eilish hit, but who is hiding behind the mask?!

CLUES: You call me the Grim Reaper… okay, maybe I started out Grim but now I actually enjoy life, it’s quite beautiful! Being the Grim Reaper has sudden highs and lows, for all of you of course. I come to lead your soul so you step into the light. My job never stops, no time off but millions of happy customers. It’s just about all I know! Being the Grim Reaper is a good life, it’s not bliss but it’s close to it.

SONG:when the party's over - Billie Eilish

GUESSES: Ruel, Darren Hayes, Luke Steele, Conrad Sewell

The Masked Singer Australia continues Mondays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play