Everything you need to know about choosing the right paint colour

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Choosing the right colour for your home makeover is a fun experience that doesn’t have to be daunting. We’ve broken down the method of choosing the right colour with Dulux, so you don’t have to.

Figure 1 Source: Image supplied by Dulux Australia. Related colours: Italian Clay (Door), Ancient Ruin (Weatherboards).

Spring has well and truly sprung, but a ‘spring clean’ isn’t the only thing people are treating their homes to this season. As the weather starts to warm up, home renos and makeovers are also on the agenda for many Aussies. Whether you’ve been wanting to finally update your home’s colours outside, liven up an entertainment space ready for your visitors or simply add a new colour to your front door, Spring is the perfect time to start.

We know choosing the right paint colours for your home can be confusing and take some time. The good news is if you’re looking to give your home a makeover with a fresh coat of paint, we’ve broken down the method of choosing the right colour, so you don’t have to.

It starts with the temperature

From brickwork to landscaping, every colour surface is either warm or cool. This is a great place to start when selecting colours for your exterior scheme. First, take a look at existing elements that won’t be changed during the process. Some homes lend itself to a warm palette with red or yellow undertones. Other homes have a cool scheme with blues and greens. Identifying the ones within finishes such as gutters, fascia, bricks, pavers and roofing colours will give you a starting point for finding the right colours that balance the scheme.

Choosing a warm colour draws attention to the space and creates an inviting and comforting scheme. Cool colours, on the other hand, create an airy, coastal aesthetic and will help make a space appear larger. So, before you hop into your overalls, be sure to assess the warmth or coolness you are looking to achieve.

To ensure the colours you select work well together, be sure to use sample pots across the different areas to be painted in light and dark spaces to ensure these new colours will work in the entire home.

Figure 2 Source: The Living Room.

In which direction does your home face?

When looking at updating your exterior colours, it’s important to consider the direction your house sits in relation to the sun. Always view your paint selection in a variety of natural lighting, both on a cloudy day and a bright sunny day, as well as in the morning light and afternoon sun. Lighting can greatly affect how your colour appears, often making them seem lighter or washed out, so by testing colours in varying conditions you will be able to be confident in the final scheme. When selecting your colours, be sure to do this outside on the surface to be painted to get the most accurate representation of your paint colour. You can do this by using sample pots to test the colour under different lighting conditions.

Get visual with swatches and sample pots

The fun part! Once you’ve worked out the aspect and decided on the colour direction of your project, it’s time to get visual. Head into your local paint retailer to check out the Dulux colour wall. Here you’ll be able to get a better idea of what colours you are drawn to, as well as pick up some handy colour swatches to bring home.

Remember, the colour chips are only a guide. Always test your favourite colours at home by ordering a sample pot of your selection to get the most accurate representation of the final result. This is the safest way to be confident in your decision.

Figure 3 Source: The Living Room.

Still looking for inspiration?

You will find images of many different home styles with paired colour schemes on the Dulux website.

Figure 4 Source: Image supplied by Dulux Australia. Related colours: Domino (Door), Natural White™ (Walls), Green Paw Paw (Bench).

Take the guess work out of colour

If after all of the above you still feel a little uncertain, fret no more, because you really don’t have to choose your exterior colours alone. Did you know you can book a colour design service from varying paint retailers and online? That’s right, all you have to do is book in and an expert will be at your door to offer you a helping hand!

Still can’t decide? Try the Dulux Colour App today, where you can use real photos of your home and edit them with over 1000 colours right at your fingertips.

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