DIY Santa Claus

Get the family together and create the perfect DIY Christmas decoration for your home this season.

How to make your DIY Santa Claus:

Step 1: Download the Santa stencils below.

Step 2: Cut out the black lines on the stencil using a scalpel or sharp tool

Step 3: Cut a piece of plywood to size, attach the Santa stencil to the plywood making sure it is nice and flat.

Step 4: Paint the cut out areas

Step 5: Cut out the stencil using a Jigsaw or other tool which can work around curves.

Step 6: Paint your Santa using black, red and white paint or any colour of your choice.

Step 7: Trim the wadding to create a beard for Santa and the attach using a glue gun or other adhesive.

To see how Barry and Amanda made their DIY Santas, watch Episode 39 of The Living Room.