Meet Lexi

Get to know Lexi, the excitable and wriggly young Kelpie mix from Season 3 of The Dog House Australia.

My name is Lexi...

I’ve been in the shelter for 12 days. I am an 8 month old female Kelpie mix. My colour is black and tan.

Here's a bit of an insight into my background and personality:


Originally from the Orange branch of AWL, Lexi was transferred to the Kemps Creek shelter with her littermate Gidget. The two were part of an accidental litter and the owners could not care for them. Lexi would be ok living with kids, cats and with an understanding and gentle dog.


  • Very excitable, wriggly young pup
  • Perky ears and a fast waggy tail
  • Still learning about the world so can be frightened by loud noises and novel things


  • Running around the yard
  • Playing games with the Animal Attendants
  • Can be won over with Devon


  • • Her name is Lexi
  • She’s under 1 year old
  • She’s a Kelpie Mixed Breed


  • Microchipped. Needs desexing.