Meet Katara

Get to know Katara, the playful and affectionate Great Dane from Season 2 of The Dog House Australia.

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Katara and I am a 9-month-old female Great Dane mixed breed. My Colour is Blue.

Here's a bit of an insight into my background and personality:


Katara was surrendered to AWL for medical issues. At just 12 weeks old she was unable to walk properly and was in a lot of pain with her front leg. She had surgery to fix her hip dysplasia and another surgery for a serious issue with her eye. To recover, she was sent to an amazing foster carer and with lots of rest, a healthy diet and plenty of love, Katara is now a new dog. She’s healthy, happy and ready to be adopted. She’s an affectionate, silly goofball who is full of beans and she doesn’t really know her size. While she’s friendly with everyone, she may not be too good with very young children – at 40kg she may accidentally knock them over.


  • Playful and full of energy
  • Very affectionate - Loves people and other dogs
  • Her ears have a mind of their own and are always flapping around.


  • Cuddling
  • Playing
  • People


  • Her name is Katara
  • She is 9 months old
  • She’s a Great Dane Mixed Breed