The Bachelorette's Guide to Lasting Love

They were a match made in bingo heaven. The cutest twentysomething-turned-eightysomething couple you ever did meet. So what can we take from Sam and Richie’s date with premature ageing to preserve love's lustre?

Laughter is the best medicine

If your relationship ever loses its footing, you can count on laughter to pick it right back up. Sam and Richie proved that whether you’re breaking the ice on a single date or keeping the spark alive after half a century, a good giggle is the universal prescription for fun. And let’s be honest, if you didn’t laugh during bingo, you’d cry.

The Bachelorette

Remember the important occasions

The more miles on your clock, the more frequently your memory bank denies you access. Don’t be disheartened; our seemingly besotted wrinklies showed there are actually only three things absolutely necessary to recall: your anniversary, your grandchild’s birthday, and that you need to buy milk on your way home.

Flirtation makes the heart grow fonder

As Richie Richard found during his brief encounter with an aged admirer, receiving a little extra-marital ego stroking can do wonders for your senior citizen cred. Don’t let your partner’s green-eyed efforts to shoo them away deter you, it’s just some harmless fun. We’re advocating sharing your bingo card with a stranger, you understand. Not your bed.

The Bachelorette

Dance like nobody’s watching

Few things fan the flames of romance better than getting down on the dancefloor. So don’t just sit there waiting for your love to go cold, get the circulation going – grab your life partner by the hand and trip the light fantastic. Cut a rug. Or if you’re Richie, breakdance. Preferably without breaking yourself.

Check out their transformation

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