Scope Season 3 Episode 095 ANIMAL INSTINCTS


EPISODE: 3/095 Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts: We take a walk on the wild side on this episode of SCOPE and embrace our primal instincts as we explore all the science the animal kingdom has to offer! There are baby hippos of the pygmy variety, we take a look at the sniffer dogs on the frontline of our border protection and we investigate the fascinating life cycle of the silkworm!

Baby Pygmy Hippo:  The pygmy hippo is the smallest species of hippopotamus on the planet and, as it just so happens, is also the cutest. Join Justin Valentine from the Melbourne Zoo as he walks us through exactly what it takes to look after their latest addition.

Sniffing Out Border Protection: Protecting Australia’s borders is an important and demanding job! Luckily for us, people like Colleen Eiser from the Department of Agriculture and her detector dog Union are experts at sniffing out trouble!

DIY Science – Catnip: Cats go crazy for catnip! But why? DIY Scientist Phoebe investigates by creating her very own catnip toy!

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Silkworm Life-Cycle: Silkworms are exactly what you’d expect; a worm, which produces silk! But, as Taylor Battistella from Everything Silkworms explains, that’s not the only fascinating fact about the silk worm.

Bee Hotel: It may not have room service or even an en suite but as Terry Langham and Katja Hogendoorn from the Waite Arboretum at the University of Adelaide explain this particular hotel is getting a lot of buzz in the bee world.

All that and more on an animalistic episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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