Sarah Ellen On Her Singing Career

We sat down with Sarah Ellen to discuss everything Neighbours and singing

What's it been like playing Madison Robinson, a member of the most well known family on Neighbours? 

It's been a lot of fun! Madison Robinson is such a sweet and clever girl, I've really enjoyed watching her grow into such a strong young lady - I've even learnt a few life lessons myself through playing this role.Are there any cast members that have taken you under their wing? 

Stephan Dennis has been a bit of a mentor for me throughout my time on neighbours. We spend a lot of time with each other as we have a fair few scenes together - he's been really great to learn from and is super fun to work with.

How does Madison's singing come about? 

In the beginning, Madison actually doesn't sing by choice. She is pushed onto the stage to sing, filling in for an artist who doesn't show up. She starts off a little rocky as the nerves kick in but after some encouragement from the crowd, Madison lets loose and starts to really enjoy herself realising that this could be a future career path for her.


Are you a singer in real life? 

I wouldn't class myself as a singer but I can definitely pump out a tune or two if needed. I'm more of a sing-in-the-shower type of person.

Who inspired your musical talents? 

Coming from a Philippine background, a lot of their culture consists of singing and way too much karaoke so I'd have to say I was definitely influenced by my family.Whats next for you and Madison? 

Madison is head over heels in love with Logan so I don't think we'll be seeing her for a little while. As for me, I have a few exciting projects in the works that I'm super excited to share - but I'll have to them keep under wraps for now.