Meyne Wyatt gives us the scoop on Nate Kinski's love life.

We chat, Aaron, Chris and all things romance!

With Chris having recently departed, do you think Nate will find love in Ramsay St? There's a hunky Brennan across the road…

I think after Nate’s break up with Chris he’s opened himself up to the possibility of dating and put himself out there. Whether that’s with the Brennan across the road who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Nate recently discovered Chris has moved on – does this change his outlook on love in Erinsborough?

I think it took him by surprise because Chris had told other people before he found out. But in the end he was happy for Chris; he’s finding that he needs to get back on the horse and doesn’t need to dwell on that relationship.

Meyne 1

How does Nate feel about being locked in the box with Aaron? 

He thinks it’s a really really bad idea and initially didn’t want to do it. But over time in the box he’s found there’s a natural respect between the two, when at first he thought Aaron was a ‘flimsy’ type of guy.

What does Nate think about Aaron's dancing?

Initially he thinks it’s a bit silly as he didn’t really get into the ‘man power’ type of dancing. But over time he’s discovered it’s all tongue in cheek so he’s gotten over most of his first reservations.

Many viewers may not realise you're a bit of a dancer too – do you sometimes wish you could get involved in those scenes?

Look not in those particular scenes! I don’t know about Nate, I don’t mind dancing but my style is a bit different!

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