Interview With the New Family

Nicholas, Sharon and Scarlet tell us about their experiences joining the cast of Neighbours

What excited you the most about joining the cast of Neighbours? 

Nicholas – I was really excited to join such an iconic show and work with so many of the long running actors here.

Scarlet - I used to watch the show so to meet every one as their true selves and not as their characters was really exciting.

Sharon – For me it was definitely being a part of such an iconic show and working full time as an actor. I love being a part of such a diverse family on screen that’s already anchored into the show through the Rebecchi family.  

What was your first day on set like? 

Nicholas – My first scene was actually on Ramsay Street, meeting with Toadie and Nell. I hit the ground running, it was really fast and furious.

Scarlet- It was so nerve-wracking but everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It all went very quickly.

Sharon - It could have been really daunting but it was welcoming and lovely. Having the chance to join with a group of people made it a lot easier.

Tell us a little bit about your character. 

Nicholas – When audiences first saw Shane he was a bad boy. He went to prison and disappeared from the show to do his time. He really wanted to put his past behind him so he stayed away from Erinsborough for a while. I think he’s really grown up since then, he’s a lot more mature and not as angry and desperate. Shane’s pretty fun loving I think. His love for his family is at the heart of everything he does and he’s very protective of them. There’s something in Shane that worries that he’s not good enough as his brother Toadie is a successful lawyer; he feels as if he hasn’t reached his full potential.

Scarlet - Mishti is an ex-cop and a fitness freak. She can be quite harsh but also very kind and warm. She is very similar to me in a lot of ways.

Sharon – Dipi is a very strong, fiery, sassy and passionate woman. She’s the anchor of the Sharma-Rebecchi family and protects them at all costs. She’s all about love and helping other people and steers her husband, Shane, in the right direction whenever he needs it.

Who is your favourite Neighbours character of all time? 

Nicholas – My favourite character is probably Paul, just because he’s so nasty. I love nasty.

Scarlet - I used to love Margot Robbie as Donna. She’s so good.

Sharon - I really love Sonya Rebecchi. As an actor I love her work. Every scene, she brings her whole entire self to it and allows herself to be completely vulnerable. I really look up to her. Outside of acting I love Susan and Karl, you can’t not love that combo.

What storylines are coming up for you? 

Nicholas – Shane brings the family to Erinsborough and buys Harold’s Cafe for his wife, he’s very keen for them all to fit in. He initially wants to be there for Toadie but makes a couple of mistakes when he first arrives, starting a fight between Toadie and Sonya. Another storyline Shane has revolves around his invention of the remote-controlled solar-powered lawn mower.

Scarlet - Mishti meets Leo in her first few days and the pair become very close. There’s a big mystery surrounding Mishti and her sister’s husband, Shane, as well.

Sharon – In the beginning Dipi is caught in the middle of moving to the big smoke with her family, getting the café up and running and making sure her children stay out of trouble. Dipi loses control for a bit and struggles to find her feet in the new town. This year there will be some really dramatic storylines with the family so that is something to look forward to.