Lilly Van der Meer on Xanthe's Dangerous Crush

Lilly Van der Meer shares her views on the Xanthe and Finn saga...

Xanthe escaped with Finn last night! What’s running through her head right now?

All that is running through her head right now is to keep Finn safe. She will go to any length to ensure that he is looked after. She is the only one who knows of the extremity of his condition so her priority is to make sure that he is okay.

Is Xanthe too easily manipulated? I don’t think so. 

There’s no way for Xanthe to see what he is doing because she is so focused on treating him that none of that other stuff comes into play for her until he says he has feelings for her. When I was filming these scenes it never felt like Xanthe was being manipulated, rather than she was just seeing a different side to him.

What effect will Finn’s interest in Xanthe have on her life?

A massive impact! Now Xanthe has to go back and reevaluate everything in her life and all of her friendships. The people in her life despise Finn but she has had an overwhelming love for him that no one else understood. She has eliminated a lot of people from her life during the Finn saga.


What was it like working with Rob Mills?

It was great fun. Rob has such a vibrant and joyful vibe about him. When we had more serious scenes he was really respectful as my character stood there crying and then there were also times we could be really upbeat in the more light-hearted moments too which definitely lifted the mood.

Will we ever see Ben and Xanthe back together?

Maybe! I think they have a lot of rebuilding to do in their relationship even just as friends because of everything that has happened. I think they need to grow first before they consider a relationship again.