Harley Bonner on Joshs impending fatherhood

We had a chat with Harley Bonner to get the inside scoop of what’s in store for Josh as a father to be…

So Josh has just found out he’s going to be a father, how does he feel?

He’s relieved; finding out the baby is his has been the final straw. Basically he thought that everything was over between him and Amber because she and Daniel were getting married; he thought it was all done and dusted until he found she was pregnant with his baby. There was always the hope that they could rekindle and that hope has been confirmed.

How do you think this is going to change his future?

Well he’s going to have to grow up which he’s already done a lot of already. He’s also got to think about how he’s going to be there for the child and Amber.

How would you feel becoming a father at twenty? Would your reaction to the news be different to Josh’s?

I think my reaction definitely would’ve been different to Josh’s. I mean I really love babies, but even now at twenty-four I’m kind of like it would be the worst thing possible for my life right now. But you know my father was twenty when my parents had me so I’m sure it would’ve all worked out fine if it had happened.”

Harley Q&A

How do you think this news will affect Daniel?

I think it’s going to test his ‘undying love’ for Amber and the ‘eternal soul mate’ ’twin flame’ feelings he talks about all the time.

Do you think Josh will try to win Amber back?

Yes. He’ll always have a thing for Amber and he’s constantly tried to get her back. Ever since they last broke up he’s tried to win her over. He realised he was obviously at fault and has tried to fix that so he has another shot.

Will this news impact Amber and Imogen’s friendship?

Yes it will because Imogen’s in love with Daniel. But I think when she finds out the baby’s mine, as scary as it is to find out that I’ll be having a child, it will be equally relieving that it’s not Daniel’s. Imogen’s holding out hope for Daniel like I’ve always done with Amber, we’ve got a similar dynamic – the hopeless Willis Family!

History seems to have repeated itself; do you think Brad's experience with Paige will influence Josh's thinking?

No, he didn’t even know about Paige until twenty years down the track so I don’t think there’s anything that Josh has been aware of growing up that he can compare to. Josh is used to a strong family and having parents together so that’s why, in a sense, I think he’s fighting for Amber as well. His ideal would be to have a family and be with a girl he loves forever.

Harley Q&A

How do you think Josh will be able to support the baby?

Josh thinks the best thing he can do, considering the baby’s not born yet, is to financially support the child. He’s going to be coming up with different, left-of-field ideas to support this child coming across lots of drama along the way – stay tuned!

Will the Turner and Willis families be supportive?

Yes definitely. None of them are cold hearted human beings...Terese is pretty hardened but they’re all still good people. So they’ll be supportive like they always have been of their children.

If you could choose a name for the baby what would it be?

Cody if it’s a boy or a girl inspired by Josh’s aunty.