'It Was Way Too Soon': Abbie Chatfield Reveals Why She Was Happy To Leave Paradise Early

She was one of the biggest names heading into Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, so it was definitely a shock to see Abbie Chatfield leaving in the first Rose Ceremony.

But it wasn't a surprise for Abbie herself, who admitted she was glad her time in Paradise wrapped up early.

"I was happy to go," she told 10 play, "I didn't like anyone, so why would I want to stay?"

The runner-up on Matt Agnew's season had been particularly vocal about being keen on one Bachelor in particular, Ciarran Stott. And while Abbie scored a date card and took Ciarran on a romantic waterfall getaway, the pair returned to Paradise to find their spark had fizzled.

"I didn't want to pretend to like anyone," she said, "I didn't like anyone so why would I stay? After my date with Ciarran I wasn't like, 'Oh I really like him, I hope he likes me!' You know?

"We discussed we don't like each other, so I wanted to go home, back to my friends to enjoy summer!"

But it wasn't just that Abbie struggled to find a spark with any of the guys in Paradise. Having made it all the way to the finale of The Bachelor a few months prior, Abbie admitted she wasn't as ready emotionally as she thought to put herself out there.

"I was hesitant [to go to Paradise]... what if I get to the final again and I'm in love with someone again and they break up with me again? That was my biggest fear," she said.

"Before I went in I thought if I get to the end with someone I'd just tell them, leave and not deal with that again... I was nervous but I thought it couldn't get worse than last time so I may as well give it another shot!"

As she said during the premiere, she put all her eggs in one basket - hoping to find a connection with Ciarran - when that didn't work, she began to second-guess if she had really given herself enough time to get over Matt.

"All those emotions happened and it was very confusing and confronting," she said. "It was too soon, way too soon to do it again. I wasn't emotionally prepared. I was just like, oh my god, this is surprisingly hard to deal with!"

Though it was difficult to stir up those emotions again, Abbie said she was glad she went into Paradise. "I'm glad I met Ciarran and figured out he's not for me. It wasn't a bad experience, I think I just misjudged how ready I was for it, which was my fault," she said, laughing.

Though the pair didn't entirely hit it off, before their date Ciarran found his way into Abbie's bure.

"He didn't actually sleep in my bed," she clarified, "He was there for a bit after dinner but... I didn't want to share a single bed! Babe, that's a nightmare.

"Everyone was like, 'What did they do?'" she continued, "we had a little chat and then he was like, 'Do you want me to stay here' and I was like, 'Not really... we're in a single bed. Bye.' That was what it was."

While others thought she'd thrive in paradise, Abbie admitted she struggled to really find her groove in the short time she was there.

"It felt like school camp and I felt like a loser because I couldn't talk to the guys properly," she said. "Everyone thinks I'm this weird seductress, 'Abbie gets what she wants.'

"If I got what I wanted I wouldn't be on another dating show... I'd be in a relationship!"

While she wasn't too upset about not finding a spark in Paradise, the biggest shock for Abbie was the response from fans when she returned to screens, after becoming a target of trolling while she was on The Bachelor.

"I had a whole folder set-up on my phone called 'BIP Trolls LMAO'," she said, reading out a message she had received early Wednesday night before the premiere. "But that was the only one I got! I  was so confused.

"I have a bit of imposter syndrome, I'm like when is the trolling going to start?! There was like one tweet calling me a narcissist and I was like... whatever," she said, laughing.

Despite the turnaround in response to her time on the show, Abbie said she'd still give it a long pause before returning to the world of TV dating - but isn't ruling out stepping into the role of Bachelorette.

"Paradise is hard because I don't know how to differentiate when men are my friends, or if they're interested," she said. "I don't have any straight, male friends! So I found [Paradise] stressful, whereas with Bachelorette it's like, ok, I know this is romantic.

"If it's in a few years, I'd love to be Bachelorette, but right now I need a break from dating shows," Abbie said with a big laugh, adding, "I need a gap year!"

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