Bachelor In Paradise | We Must Protect Brittney’s Heart At All Costs

HALLOOOOOOO! She’s back!

We’ve never met anyone quite like Brittney with an ‘E’ in Bachy franchise history. She’s sick for a conga line, is terrified of birds and produces more one-liners than a stand-up comedy festival.

Brittney Bachelor in Paradise 2020

In case you’ve completely forgotten, what with COVID-19 and all that other fun (read: terrifying) stuff going on, property manager Brittney was an intruder on the Honey Badger’s season. While she didn’t last long or get much airtime then, her arrival in Paradise last year was a different story. We fell in love with her immediately - she's funny AF, has an infectious aura and is always unapologetically herself. We desperately wanted her to find love with an awesome guy!

Unfortunately, Britt’s time in Paradise was cut short when her romance with Ivan didn’t blossom after their first date. Ivan dropped her like a hot potato once Tenille arrived, but in hindsight, it was DEFINITELY for the best.

Brittney Bachelor in Paradise 2020

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A year has since passed, and some things are better left in 2019. Vowing to be a “little more serious” and show off her softer side this time around, tonight’s premiere episode saw Brittney make a good first impression on Timm, and he picked her to go on a moonlit date. Which would have been great, except Brittany with an A was ALSO chosen to go on that date.

Yeap, the poor girl waited THREE SEASONS for someone to ask her out on a date, only to share it with someone else with the same name. A damn travesty, if you ask us.

Brittney Bachelor in Paradise 2020

And in a battle of the Britt’s, Brittany with an A came out on top, leaving Brittney with an E feeling a little deflated.

Enter: Jamie

After chatting with Abbie and Jamie about her less-than-ideal date night experience, Jamie made a vow to take Brittney on his next single date. Which would have been a sweet gesture, had he not also promised Abbie a rose to keep her safe.

Brittney Bachelor In Paradise 2020

And, if tomorrow’s preview is anything to go by, it looks like Jamie has promised a few MORE roses to some of the ladies in Paradise. We see Brittney in tears, exclaiming “what a joke” and we can’t help but panic. Has Jamie reneged on his promise to her? Has he said something to upset her? IS SHE BEING SENT HOME?! We. Cannot. Deal. With. The. Suspense!

One thing’s for sure, we must protect her and her precious heart at all costs.

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