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Grandma Devastated As Hideous $300 Birthday Cake Looks Nothing Like What She Asked For

A woman has been left devastated after dropping $300 on a fairy-themed cake for her granddaughter's first birthday, only to be delivered a lumpy, three-tiered mess.

It's not my grandma, and the cake wasn't for me, but this is still very unfortunate. 

Khrissy Joe ordered the fairy-themed cake, but it wasn't quite the 'fairytale' she was hoping for.

Upon picking the cake up, she described it as being the worst cake she'd ever seen in her life. 

Khrissy shared her experience on TikTok, "This was supposed to be my granddaughter's first birthday cake. I spent well over $200 ($309 AUD) on this cake, and this is what I got. This is the worst cake I've ever seen in my life," she said as she filmed the cake. 

The handwritten icing was barely legible, and the edible flowers she'd asked for turned out to be plastic.

She added, "My granddaughter's first birthday cake was a disaster. I was so upset, and so let down. This cake was supposed to be a representation of my granddaughter. She loves fairies and has loved them since she was three months old."

On reflection and interrogation, the baker admitted that the design was far more difficult to execute than she had anticipated. 

People were, of course, quick to comment their thoughts on the matter. 

One TikTok user remarked, "It looks like Play-Doh." It's accurate but not helpful. And another wrote, "The bottom layer may look scary but it looks like it would taste good."

And that's the thing. Ok, it looks like crap, but it probably will taste great, and let's not forget, this is a cake for a one-year-old. She's going to ruin it and put her face in it anyway. 

All that really matters is that it tastes good and she enjoys her birthday. However, $300 for that, yikes.

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