Everything You Need To Know About The Veronicas And Their New Series ‘Blood Is For Life’

The country’s most famous twin pop duo are now the stars of their very own reality series, and come Wednesday July 1, you can watch it all on 10 play

Jess and Lisa Origliasso, aka The Veronicas, have always had a very close relationship with music. Their dad Joseph was in a band in his hayday and the twins were barely 5-years-old before they made their stage debut.

Signing their first major contract when they were 18, Jess and Lisa were launched into the spotlight with their first release going four-times Platinum. Their sound has since been an iconic mainstay of the Aussie music industry and together the pair have two ARIA awards and three MTV Australia Awards.

You’ve also probably wondered why Jess and Lisa settled on the name The Veronicas when neither are named Veronica -- but in an interview with MTV back in 2009 the pair revealed they actually got the name from the iconic 1989 cult-hit movie ‘Heathers’.

In the film Christian Slater asks Winona Ryder’s character Veronica if she’s part of the popular clique aka the Heathers. “No,” Ryder’s character replies, “I’m a Veronica”.

“So we went with that,” Lisa explained at the time, “because she was this kind of cool, unique chick with an attitude.”

They also share their name with one of the key characters from the Archie comics and after their rise to fame the twins featured in several comics -- with the lovestruck Archie Andrews admitting he’s their biggest fan.

For years the pair were an unstoppable duo, but all of that changed when the sisters stopped talking for an entire year.

During her highly publicised relationship with Ruby Rose, Jess admitted she isolated herself from her family, cut herself off from her twin and bandmate and the pair went into a complete hiatus.

After almost 15 years together, The Veronicas were no more.

Two years later, the relationship came to an end and the sisters reunited and bounced back with the release of “Think Of Me”, a brutally honest break-up anthem.

Now, in ‘Blood is for Life’ the sisters are giving fans an unprecedented look behind the curtain as they begin a new chapter, reunited and releasing their new music.

But it’s not all just about getting back into the swing of things as The Veronicas, Jess and Lisa introduce us to their partners, give us the goss on the extended Veronicas fam, attempt to learn to drive and even try to slide into latex bodysuits.

On top of all that, the duo plan to move into and renovate a house together with their partners. What could possibly go wrong?!

Seriously, there’s something for everyone so this is one series you definitely shouldn’t leave “Untouched” (sorry).

The Veronicas: Blood Is For Life will be available to watch on 10 play from Wednesday July 1