The Secrets She Keeps: Thirteen Questions About Episode One We Can’t Stop Asking

This psychological thriller is everything we need to suck us in and make us forget about the raging trash fire that is the world right now. Especially if the kind of escapism you love, is the kind that gives you chills

Firstly, HUGE SPOILERS ahead. If you haven’t watched the first ep, go here and watch it now.

We’ve watched it, and now three things are abundantly clear – this series is deeply unsettling, we’re completely addicted, and there are many questions we need answers to. Here’s a few of them:

  1. It’s obvious Meghan has some serious haters but this GIF is super unsettling. What’s wrong with people on the Internet? So disturbed. 
  2. There is nothing creepier than a baby doll, but Agatha really takes it to the next level. Why is she putting the doll to bed? Why has she got that sick smile?! Shivers. Actual shivers.
  3. After Agatha cheerfully tells her neighbour she’s off to “see her friends” – we find her sitting in the bushes at the back of Meghan’s house, watching Meghan through the window. Is she an obsessed fan or a dangerous stalker? Or both?! Spine-chilling stuff.
  4. Is it just us, or does it seem like Agatha is literally stalking Meghan around the supermarket, like she’s waiting to ambush her prey?
  5. Why does Meghan dislike Simon so much? He seems like a perfectly nice guy.
  6. Why is Agatha so weird and defensive around Nicky about the fact she’s pregnant? Also, genuinely sad backstory here about them losing a baby, but something is definitely suss about this whole conversation.
  7. This one had our hearts and minds racing. Why is Agatha visiting the grave (bunch of rocks) of her baby in the middle of the bush? Why is the baby not in a cemetery with a regular tombstone?
  8. Why has she got such an evil smirk after manipulating Hayden’s parents for a payout for her baby, AKA their grandchild?
  9. Also, this GIF – why are there so many bleeding baby GIFs??
  10. What’s better than stalking someone from their backyard? Moving next door and stalking them from the balcony! Okay this isn’t exactly a question, but it is a seriously chilling moment so had to include it.
  11. This scene where the supermarket is being robbed had us asking no one in particular –did you not think we were ON EDGE enough?!
  12. Why is Agatha rolling around laughing manically after being held up at knife point? Getting some serious ‘Joker’ vibes and our psychopath alarm bells are ringing loudly.
  13. WHAT A CLIFFHANGER OF AN ENDING. This twist had our jaws on the floor. After bleeding on her Neighbours’ couch, it was revealed that Agatha IS NOT PREGNANT. It’s a fake bump. So many lies. So many more questions. We are absolutely shook.

The Secrets She Keeps is on Wednesdays at 9pm on 10 or catch up on 10 play.