The Good Wife - How Will It All End?

Michelle King, one half of The Good Wife’s husband and wife writer/creator duo, said in an interview that she likes endings that are “inevitable and surprising.” After six seasons of scandalous political, legal, and personal upheavals, how could the award-winning show’s final episodes meet our expectations, and what would surprise us?

The Good Wife, season 7, channel 10

The Successful Woman

Since stepping onto the bottom rung of the career ladder, a cloud of disgrace hovering above her ever smooth hair, Alicia Florrick has gone from strength to strength. After becoming a partner at Stern, Lockhardt and Gardener, she went on to found her own firm, briefly serve as the state’s attorney, and after that went up in a husband-related scandal, she returned to Lockhardt & Gardner (now called Florrick, Agos & Lockhardt).

Much like real life, Alicia’s career path has not been linear. But with all that intelligence and drive, it would be disappointing to leave her here as though she’d reached some kind of finish line.

Senator, to State Secretary, to Oval Office, wouldn’t be surprising.

The good wife, season 7, channel ten

The Love Life

It’s been fraught, but whose hasn’t? After standing by him through thick and thin’s mostly thin times, Alicia has finally asked Peter for a divorce. This seems to be more about him getting in the way of her latest dalliance than for any moral, principled, or ‘true happiness’ reasons.

Despite all the awful – but deliciously entertaining drama – these two do seem to love each other.

They could get divorced. But they could just as easily come out the other side of this turbulent period of individual growth, with a newfound love and respect for each other.

After everything that’s happened between them, that could be deemed surprising, and yet somewhat inevitable.

The Good Wife, season 7, channel 10

The Naughty Husband

He’s been a lecherous, traitorous, and duplicitous man. Every time the storm settles, he does a little rain dance.

With the Feds set to indict him, he’s begging Alicia to stand by him one last time. Which takes everyone right back to the beginning.
Alicia has scrambled her scruples before – for her career and for her husband – so it’s almost inevitable that she would do whatever was necessary to get him off those charges.

Seeing her testify against him and having him put away, now that would be a revelation.

The Good Wife, season 7, channel 10

The Dead Lover

According to the Kings, while Will’s ghost continues to haunt Alicia, he really is dead and he will be not be surprising her by returning from a remote hut where he’s been recovering from amnesia.

Everyone loves a good flashback though.

The Good Wife, season 7, channel 10

The Flawed Bezzie

On screen they were the closest of friends and then the coolest of enemies, and if the persistent rumours are anything to go by – this was the case off screen as well.

Will Kalinda make a final appearance before the show ends? The Kings are saying no. Given Kalinda had to go into hiding for fear of her life, they claim, bringing her back just wouldn’t ‘make sense’.

Could this be a smoke screen intended to ensure Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi never have to share a scene again?
Once the show wraps up, will the truth come tumbling out of their mouths like the confessions of a former Scientologist? One can only hope.

The Good Wife, season 7, channel 10

The Spinoff

The Good Wife has won numerous awards, has a strong following, and will be sorely missed. Filled with rich, multilayered and superbly entertaining characters – there are many who could easily go on to star in their own show.

The character’s names being bandied about most are Cary, Diane, and Lucca. But the most popular by far is Carrie Preston’s sharp, yet super kooky Elsbeth Tascioni.

The Kings admit they’re not ruling anything out. And another hit from them would not surprise us.

The Good Wife final season airs 9.30 Wednesdays on TEN