Bold-A-Thon & Fast-Tracked Episodes Coming Soon To tenplay

Bold and the Beautiful fans won’t be playing catch-up with America for much longer, with fast-tracked episodes headed exclusively to tenplay.

Kicking off on Friday 29 June, tenplay will be hosting a ‘Bold-A-Thon’ of episodes to bring fans fully up to date with their favourite drama.

Then from Tuesday 3 July, tenplay will commence airing episodes in line with the States, only here at, meaning no more waiting to discover the latest developments in everyone’s favourite fashion dynasty.

Fans who prefer to just continue following on TV, it’s Forrester business as usual: regular Bold airs as normal 4.30 weekdays on TEN, and will be available to catch up on at the usual place,

The choice is yours, but if you just can’t bear being behind the US, put 29 June in your diary, block out your weekend, and get ready to get up to speed with fast-tracked The Bold and the Beautiful, only on tenplay.

The Bold and the Beautiful ‘Bold-A-Thon’ begins Friday 29 June at