After Months Of Searching, Locky Gilbert Finally Chooses His Lady

Not since The Honey Badger chose no-one has there been a more shocking end to a finale. PSA: Spoilers ahead!

This week marked the end of a whirlwind journey for Locky. But before he could choose the girl of his dreams, he had to survive the most nerve-wracking moment of the season – meeting the families.

And yes, it was every bit as awkward and intense as meeting four of your potential girlfriends' loved ones could be.

Locky did manage to keep it together and escape unscathed after meeting Izzy's feminist mother Christina, Irena's protective older brother Igor, Bec's superfan mum Jody, and Bella's "I-was-a-[Survivor]-fan-but-now-I'm-not" dad Steve. And after much deliberation, Izzy and Bec were given the flick at the final Rose Ceremony, leaving besties-turned-enemies Bella and Irena awkwardly standing next to each other as the final two girls.

News of Bella and Irena making it to the end came as no surprise to watchers of the show. They both impressed Locky on arrivals, they both went on two single dates each, and they both revealed that they were falling in love with him. Throughout the final episode, the question on everybody’s lips remained - Who would Locky ultimately pick?

The finale was… INTENSE. After the girls met his mum, it was time to embark on the final dates. Not only did Locky cheers to, “meeting the most perfect girl in the world” with Irena, he also admitted that he had “fallen in love” with her. But in yet another romantic scene no-one expected, Locky uttered the same declaration of love to Bella after THEIR final date.


After some reflection from Locky, it was time for him to choose a girl. The ever-so-stunning Bella was the first out of the car, and Locky broke down in tears. After composing himself, he admitted that even though he told her he loved her, he didn’t know if he could see them working. He said that he needed “a little bit of certainty”, and that Bella doesn’t see where her future is at the moment. Bella walked off frustrated, and that was the end of their journey.

But it was a fairytale ending for Irena who, looking like a glamourous kween, walked down the pavement towards a smiling Locky. He told her how “safe and protected” she made him feel, and when he thinks about their future together, he’s “like, so excited”. And ended his speech by giving her a stunning ring as a reminder of their crazy ride together.

We wish the happy couple all the best!

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