Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia Season Three

The little show celebrating the world’s oldest continuous culture returns NAIDOC Week 2022 with three new episodes highlighting stuff everyone should know about Australia’s First Nations people

Hosted by the hilarious Steph Tisdell (entertainer and proud Yidinji woman) First Nations people share their knowledge of Australia in these short, sharp, fascinating episodes. Things you think you know will be flipped on their head, with a dash of comedy to soften the blow.  Here's a little blurb about each episode. 

Barangaroo: The Woman Behind The Place 

The beautiful reserve on Sydney’s harbour shoreline takes its name from a remarkable Aboriginal woman who was sticking it to the man hundreds of years ago. Living on Warrane (Sydney Cove) when the First Fleet pulled into the Harbour, Barangaroo was one of our first politicians, activists and fighters for women's rights. In Barangaroo: the Woman Behind The Place, the lives of Barangaroo and the Eora fisherwomen come to life, forever changing the way we look at Sydney Harbour. 

Ancient Canberra  

Australia’s capital city is generally known for its museums, War Memorial, and multiple Parliament Houses. But Canberra’s history as a place where people gather to discuss and implement laws that look after Australia and its people is ancient. The last Ice Age ancient. Digging deep into the dirt of the Birrigai rock shelter, Ancient Canberra uncovers layers of the nation's capital and its long-running connection to the Ngunnawal people. 

More Than Dots 

When thinking of First Nations art, most people think of dot painting. But there’s a lot more to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art than dots, and there’s more to the dots than we know. This is the surprising story of an art movement that spawned a genre that’s ever evolving and taking over the world. In More Than Dots, the only thing dry is the paint.   

Season 3 of Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia is coming to 10 play NAIDOC Week, Sunday July 3, 2022