Celebrate NAIDOC Week 2021 By Watching Documentary Web Series, Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia

Kick back and press play on a fun way to learn some fresh facts about First Nations History and culture this 2021 NAIDOC Week, and every week to come!

There are plenty of “mookie” (spooky, ghost, spirit) creatures in the traditional stories passed down by First Nations people. But what if it turned out these creatures existed? What if supposed myths, contained plenty of true facts?  

In 2021, actor and comedian Elaine Crombie (Top End Wedding, Top Of The Lake, The 7 Stages Of Grieving) returns for a second season of Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia - A short documentary series celebrating First Nations history and culture in bite-sized episodes you can stream on 10 play on demand.  

When it comes to the average Aussie’s knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, a lot of what we’ve been taught is biased, outdated and/or just plain wrong. Most importantly, heaps of stuff hasn’t been taught to us at all.  

Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia aims to help rectify some of that, by learning from Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islander people themselves. 

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Season one took us from the streets of Sydney to the wetlands of western NSW. We learnt all about the first bakers, the original greenies, the ancient sites of cultural significance to be found in our own backyards.  

In season two, learning the stuff we should all know takes us from the main street of Gundagai to downtown Narrm (Melbourne), from the back of Bendigo to the middle of Adelaide.  

In each seven-minute episode, First Nations people across the east coast share their knowledge, while Elaine delivers the lols, peppering the series with her unique brand of comedy.  

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Visit statues of little know Aboriginal heroes who saved many lives during Australia's most deadly flood, meet language warriors reviving lost Aboriginal languages, visit ancient ovens built into the earth and hear “myths” that turn out to be anything but.  

Short and sweet, fun and educational – Stuff Every Should Know About Australia is a collaboration between 10 play and First Nations creatives who are passionate about learning amazing truths and sharing them with the rest of the nation.  

Season two of Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia is available to watch on 10 play on demand, so what are you waiting for?

And if you want more, catch up on season one now.