10 play's NAIDOC Week Web Series Delivers Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia

This 2021 NAIDOC Week, Elaine Crombie hosts a second season of Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia - a 10 play documentary web series that’s all about busting myths and celebrating truths.

Let’s be real, when it comes to the history and culture of Australia’s First Nations people there's a lot of misinformation out there.

Sure, England has Stone Henge and Greece the Parthenon, but here in Australia we have many wonderful ancient sites and places of culture to visit and behold.  

Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia looks at the fun, fascinating facts about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultureVisit places where bread was being baked long before the Egyptians worked out how to do it. Gain an understanding of what The Dreaming is, and what songlines sing. Unlearn myths and expand notions of what it means to be a hunter-gatherer by visiting ancient fish traps and fields covered in native grains.   

From Sydney and its surrounds to outback NSW, learn and unlearn from the people who are the authorities on Australian history and culture - Indigenous Australians themselves.  

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Learn more about scar trees. Watch Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia on 10 play

But before you start watching season two, make sure you catch up on the first season of Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia. 

Episode One – Original Greenies 

Australia's First Nations people have been living sustainably for thousands of years. They never took more than was needed, and they knew how to care for country so that it could care for them. Episode one of Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia takes a closer look at just handful of amazing First Nations cultural sites that can be found in our backyards and can teach us a lot about sustainability practices.  

Episode Two – Sweet Dreaming   

When it comes to the Dreaming, most non-Indigenous Australians probably think of the Rainbow Serpent. But the Dreaming is a beautiful belief system, a continuous, encompassing, complete guide to life and living. An intrinsic part of the Dreaming are the songlines that crisscross the land, connecting people and place, story and identity, and so much more. 

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Learn more about the fish traps in Brewarrina. Watch Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia on 10 play

Episode Three – Fishes and Loaves   

Just a few years ago, archaeologists uncovered grinding stones fragments more than 30, 000-years-old. In these fragments starch was found, leading many to believe that Aboriginal people are very likely the world’s first bread makersA trip out to Outback NSW quickly reveals that when it comes to ‘firsts’, First Nations people were doing much more than non-Indigenous Australians have ever known. 

Watch season one and two of this documentary series Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia on 10 play on demand.