Elaine Crombie

Elaine Crombie

Elaine Crombie has teamed up with 10 play to bring you Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia in celebration of NAIDOC week 2021.

Elaine Crombie is a Pitjantjatjara, Warrigmal, South Sea & German descended woman and proud mother of two brilliant sons.

Want to find out more about Elaine? She is an actor, singer, songwriter and writer with a career that spans over 20 years, with extensive theatre work, starting with Queensland Theatre Company and has since worked with Bangarra Dance Theatre, Belvoir Street Theatre Company, Sydney Theatre Company, Malthouse Theatre Company and other various theatre companies.

Elaine has also worked on television productions such as 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, Redfern Now and Black Comedy and Kiki and Kitty. 

Not only is Elaine a perfect host, but she has an array of knowledge to share with you as she guides you through things you didn't know about Australia.

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