Where Are They Now: Neha Sen

Since appearing on MasterChef back in 2013, life has been anything but dull for Neha.

Within ten months of appearing on MasterChef season five, Neha Sen took her dreams from the kitchen and onto retail shelves, launching Neha's Indian-Inspired Ice Cream and Chutney.

While judges Matt, Gary and George raved about the cardamom ice cream she plated up in her audition, Neha was initially unsure how the exotic flavours in her products would be received.

Today, her range of ice creams and chutney has won over 20 food awards, is stocked in 250 stores nationally and served in gourmet, high-end cafes, bistros and restaurants.

"I decided to tell Australia that India isn't just about a butter chicken and a korma," she says of her bold move.

While the traditional, savoury ice cream and chutney flavours may sound "weird" at first, the confidence Neha gained on MasterChef eased her fears, helping her to stick to her creative guns.

"There's no way anyone would say no to good food.

"As the judges would always say, its an experience for the palate... an experience that feeds the soul, not just the tummy."

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