Madam Secretary Returns To 10 Bold And 10 play For A Final Season

Madam Secretary fans - listen up! The end is nigh, and you can watch all episodes of the sixth and final season on 10 Bold every Thursday at 9.30pm, or catch up right here on 10 play.

ICYMI, the finale of season five saw Elizabeth McCord (played by Téa Leoni) resign as head of the State Department in order to run for Presidency.

We are now entering the sixth and final season of the show, and episode one sees the former Madam Secretary achieve her dream of becoming the very first female President of the United States - yass queen! But the United States has also been hacked by Iran, which threatens to taint the legitimacy of McCord's election. So, not all great news for Madam President. 

If you missed the first episode, you can catch up right here, right now on 10 play. Better yet, if you're up for a binge sesh over the weekend, you can watch seasons 1 - 5 of Madam Secretary on 10 All Access.

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