You Won't Want To Miss The 250th Episode Of Have You Been Paying Attention?

After 10 seasons of comedy gold mixed in with weekly news updates, Have You Been Paying Attention? will air its 250th episode on Monday August 1, and that is no small feat.

To celebrate the massive milestone, contestants Amanda Keller, Aaron Chen and Kitty Flanagan will join Ed Kavalee, Sam Pang, Quizmaster Tom Gleisner and special Guest Quizmaster, PM Anthony Albanese.

Audiences have loved every minute of the show, so we've collated all the reasons fans love Have you Been Paying Attention?

It’s Like Hanging With Friends

We Meet New Special Guest Quizmasters Every Week

They Keep Up With All The Trends

They Deservingly Won Six Logie Awards

It's Top Notch Content, Weekly

We Watch Different Talented Comedians Every Week

They Cover Important Topics & Questions

Their Exchanges And Jokes Are Next Level

But Simply Put…

And We Never Want It To End!

Luckily for us, there are still plenty of episodes to watch for the rest of the year.

Don't miss Have You Been Paying Attention?'s 250th episode on Monday at 8:40pm on 10 and 10 play on demand