Who Has Been Voted Off Australian Survivor With An Idol In Their Pocket?

It’s the most devastating move a player can accidentally make, not playing the Idol burning a hole in their pocket as they get blindsided.

Some of the game’s biggest players have been able to weaponise Idols to make some incredible moves, but on Monday night Croc joined a group of players who all left with a brutal souvenir still burning a hole in their pocket.

Here’s a look back at the players who were blindsided and voted out with an Idol in their pocket.

Simon - Season 6: Brains V Brawn

Joining an elite group of players who have found not one but two idols, Simon felt like he was unstoppable during Brains V Brawn. Holding two Idols at the same time was not only his greatest move but also his downfall as one of his closest allies, Dani, realised what a threat he was and orchestrated his immediate blindside after forming an unlikely alliance with Hayley. With no idea it was coming, Simon joined an even more elite group of players: leaving with both Idols still in his possession.

Mat - Season 3: Champions V Contenders 

It was the shocking moment Benji spoke up in tribal that sealed Mat’s fate. As Sharn told Jonathan she was playing her idol on Mat’s behalf, Benji quickly piped up and said, “Don’t play it for Mat, play it for you. Don’t gamble your life Sharn, you’re getting played.”

Convincing Sharn there was a split vote, Benji was able to execute his move against Mat. But Sharn wasn’t the only one at Tribal with an Idol, and not taking the chance to play his Mat sadly saw his game come to a shocking end.

Benji - Season 3: Champions V Contenders

After his bold move against Mat, Benji had clearly ruffled some feathers back at camp and it sure showed at the very next vote. Thinking he had a strong alliance, and with Shonee using an extra vote advantage, Benji thought he was still top of the pecking order.

That is, until the vote revealed it was a tie between himself and Sharn, forcing the rest of the tribe to head to a revote where Benji’s alliance flipped, ending his time in the game.

David - Season 4: Champions V Contenders

Though he later came back and dominated All Stars, David Genat had to learn some hard lessons first. After he got a little too confident in his original Champions V Contenders season, his tribe realised David really was a force to be reckoned with.

Knowing that if they didn’t act soon it wouldn’t be too long until he dominated the game, but they knew the Golden God couldn’t know his head was on the chopping block. Putting in some Logie-worthy performances, the tribe managed to blindside David before he had a chance to play his Idol.

Henry - Season 2

For some people, there’s always that little voice in the back of their heads telling them to play their Idol. For Henry, it was the literal voice of Locky begging him to play his Idol seconds before the vote was read.

But Henry, confident in his standing in the tribe ignored Locky and sadly saw himself join the jury with a now useless Idol.

Croc - Season 7: Blood V Water

The newest addition to the gang, poor Croc really never saw his blindside coming. Having kept his idol completely secret between himself and Chrissy, the pair never even had a chance to consider playing it.

In an attempt to save Ben from another vote against him, Croc approached Ben and told him they had the numbers to make a move on Jesse. Immediately after that chat, Ben went to Jesse and Sam to blow Croc’s game wide open, and the trio made their own move against him, brilliantly blindsiding both him and Chrissy as they took out her loved one.

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