Where To Find The Australian Survivor Castaways On Social Media

Let the Insta stalking commence!

We’ve made it easy for you to uncover every little detail of the castaway's past and future lives.

But beware, there's an overload of food and travel inspo, fitness shots, adorable pup pics and family portraits.

You’re welcome.

Andrew Ucles

Twitter: @andrewucles

Instagram: @andrewucles

Baden Cooke

Instagram: @baden_cooke

Benny Burdo

Instagram: @benny_burdo

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Cara Atchison

Twitter: @caraatchison

Instagram: @duchessofdoublebay

Chelsea Hackett

Instagram: @chelshackett

Daini Tuiqere

Instagram: @iamdayknee

Dani Beale

Instagram: @dani_the_face_beale

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Emmett Pugh

Instagram: @plant_based_superman

Flick Palmateer

Twitter: @flickpalmateer

Instagram: @flickpalmateer

Gavin Wanganeen

Twitter: @gavinwanganeen

Instagram: @gavinwanganeen4

George Mladenov

Twitter: @KingGeorge2200

Instagram: @kinggeorgeofbankstown

Georgia Ray

Instagram: @georgiaray.psychologist

Gerald William Youles

Instagram: @youlesgerald

 Hayley Leake

Twitter: @hayleyleake

Instagram: @hayleyleake_

Janelle Durso

Instagram: @janelle_durso_

Joey McCann

Instagram: @running_it

Kerryn McGee

Instagram: @kezmcgee

Laura Wells

Twitter: @iamlaurawells

Instagram: @iamlaurawells

Mitchell Shaw

Instagram: @mitchellshawry

Phil Ferguson

Twitter: @thechiliphilly

Instagram: @chiliphilly

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Rachel Downie

Twitter: @radownie70

Instagram: @racheldownie

Shannon Lawson

Instagram: @shannon_lawson

Simon Mee

Instagram: @slimes89

Wai Chim

Twitter: @onewpc

Instagram: @onewpc

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