Australian Survivor 2021: Meet The Castaways In Brains V Brawn

Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn has sourced twenty-four of the most strategic minds and physical powerhouses to compete in the gruelling Aussie outback.

Before it premieres on July 18 at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 play, get familiar with the castaways that will ultimately answer the age-old question: Which is stronger, brains or brawn?

Delve into all the new survivors below; we promise you’ll love them.

Andrew, 33, NSW | Brains Tribe

Australian wildlife and survival expert, Andrew isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s travelled the world and faced some of the most dangerous animals known to man, so his fellow competitors can’t be much worse, right?

Find out more about Andrew.

Baden, 42, VIC | Brains Tribe

Baden is a champion cyclist, having spent 14 years competing at the highest level. He won over 50 races and even secured a green jersey in the 2003 Tour de France. He also loves business and poker, so he will be using physical endurance, strategy and manipulation to get others to do the dirty work for him.

Find out more about Baden.

Benny, 38, NSW | Brawn Tribe

Used to living a high life, Benny hit rock bottom and realised material items aren’t the pinnacle. Deciding he wanted to make the most of his life, he moved to LA to pursue business opportunities, from running a call centre and being a door-to-door salesman, to selling properties worth over 4 million-dollars. So, one thing we know for sure -- this guy can hustle!

Find out more about Benny.

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Cara, 47, NSW | Brains Tribe

This real estate agent from Double Bay has a secret power: she can sense and feel other people’s emotions as if they’re part of her own experience. Can this quirky adventure seeker keep her advantage under the wraps? Can she reign in the Outback?

Find out more about Cara.

Chelsea, 22, QLD | Brawn Tribe

Professional MMA fighter, Chelsea Hackett is ready to swap the arena for the Outback. Having won her first bout at 13 years old, the two-time Muay Thai world champion fighter is a physical force to be reckoned with. But she isn’t just physical, she has a tactical mind and a strong social game too. Can she catapult herself ahead of the competition?

Find out more about Chelsea.

Daini, 26, NSW | Brawn Tribe

Personal trainer and bodybuilder, Daini is bringing a lot of height and muscle to the Brawn tribe. Of Fijian and Maori heritage, he was raised by his mum, aunt and nana. He credits being raised by women as the reason for his macho-free attitude.

Find out more about Daini.

Dani, 34, NSW | Brawn Tribe

She’s a corrections officer in one of Sydney’s maximum security prisons, so ex-army truck driver Dani is used to high-pressure situations. She’s no stranger to the harsh, dry conditions, having spent time as a Jillaroo in the WA Outback. Dani wants to trick her tribe into thinking she’s average, but when it comes down to it, she’ll take no prisoners.

Find more out about Dani.

Emmett, 31, WA | Brawn Tribe

A self-proclaimed ‘Plant-Based Superman’, Emmett is a health coach who’s about educating people on how to unlock their greatest potential. Obsessed with pushing his body to the absolute limit, he’s no stranger to an Ironman, ultra-endurance run or rigorous CrossFit workout and believes the best bodies are fuelled by nature.

Find out more about Emmett.

Flick, 28, WA | Brawn Tribe

She’s currently ranked second in the world for big wave surfing, so it’s no surprise that she is a fearless and strong competitor. She’s a record breaker, holding the biggest wave surfed by an Australian woman, and is also an accomplished artist. Does she have what it takes to take the title of Sole Survivor as well?

Find out more about Flick.

Gavin, 48, SA | Brawn Tribe

You may recognise Gavin as one of the most prolific AFL players of all time. He has 300 games, a Brownlow Medal, am AFL Premiership and a stand in Adelaide Oval to his name. He was also the first Indigenous Australian to win a Brownlow Media and has been inducted into the AFL Hall Of Fame. Can he add winner of Australian Survivor to his resume?

Find out more about Gavin.

George, 31, NSW | Brains Tribe

Bankstown Labor Party President George believes his whole career has been preparing him for the game of Australian Survivor. He’s cunning, an expert negotiator and a master manipulator. This high achiever will stop at nothing to make it to the final Tribal Council.

Find out more about George.

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Georgia, 35, QLD | Brains Tribe

Georgia is a forensic psychologist who’s ready to use her profession to win the most mentally calculated game Australian Survivor has ever seen. Although she may seem like the girl next door, she’s spent years delving into the mindset of Australia’s most devious criminals and will use her razor-sharp judgement to profile her tribemates.

Find out more about Georgia.

Gerald, 26, QLD | Brawn Tribe

World Champion Wood Chopper Gerald is ready to bring brute force to the Brawn tribe. This charismatic kid from the bush is a fifth-generation cattle farmer who knows his way around the Aussie Outback. The extremely competitive axeman has not only won world championships, but he’s perfected the unique trade as a master axe grinder too. Can he carve his way to the end?

Find out more about Gerald.

Hayley, 31, NSW | Brains Tribe

As a professional pain researcher, Hayley’s job is to administer placebo psychological therapy to patients and test the brain’s response to treatment. Also wielding a degree in physiotherapy, Hayley plans to make friends with her healing hands.

Find out more about Hayley.

Janelle, 43, QLD | Brawn Tribe

An Aussie battler, hardworking cleaner and mother of three, Janelle shouldn’t be underestimated in this game. With a cackle that can carry for miles, she is ready to stir the pot in the Brawn Tribe. Can she clean out her fellow castaways?

Find out more about Janelle.

Joey, 35, NSW | Brains Tribe

Tradesman turned Wolf-Of-Wall-Street tycoon, Joey is no stranger to the ruthless realties of playing at the top of his game. With a stamina of steel, he has completed 140 marathons and will be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to endurance challenges. Determined to kill with kindness, Joey is a bundle of positive energy and resilience that rarely waivers.

Find out more about Joey.

Kez, 25, WA | Brawn Tribe

Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder Kez may have a sweet face, but she will be nothing but ruthless when she steps into the Australian Outback. Her intense physical training has equipped her for the hunger, the physical challenges and the social aspect which she will incorporate into her gameplay.

Find out more about Kez.

Laura, 36, NSW | Brains Tribe

Environmental advocate Laura holds a degree in biology and a passion for marine science. With her work as a conservationist, she is leading the charge as an advocate and ambassador for change. As a curve model, Laura is ready to break the stereotype that models are all beauty and no brains.

Find out more about Laura.

Mitch, 33, QLD | Brains Tribe

A highly intelligent and successful doctor, Mitch is stepping into the game as one of the smartest competitors on paper. Wielding an IQ in the top 1% of the world, he may well be the secret weapon for the Brains Tribe.

Find out more about Mitch.

Phil, 28, VIC | Brains Tribe

Viral sensation and internet superstar Phil aka @chilliphilly is best known for posing in their culinary themed crocheted hats, all over Instagram. Their kooky persona has seen them skyrocket to stardom and win over the affection of fans all over the globe. Can they use their charm to win over the other players?

Find out more about Phil.

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Rachel, 50, QLD | Brains Tribe

An outspoken, award-winning educator, Rachel has a passion and determination for life and refuses to be pushed around. Named as the 2020 Queensland Australian of the Year, Rachel’s ground-breaking work as a teacher, principal and entrepreneur has transformed the education system.

Find out more about Rachel.

Shannon, 30, NSW | Brawn Tribe

Shannon is a full-time model, health and fitness advocate and Instagram personality. Despite the glamourous life she presents on the ‘gram, she considers herself physically fitter and stronger than most. Can this athlete in her own right have the Tribe sweating up a storm?

Find out more about Shannon.

Simon, 31, QLD | Brawn Tribe

A self-proclaimed golden child, Simon has always been exceptionally good at everything he puts his mind to. A recent career change saw him pack up his desk job and pick up the tools to become an apprentice carpenter. He’s been an ex-bodybuilder and is still dedicated to training hard and maintaining his ripped physique and brute force.

Find out more about Simon.

Wai, 38, NSW | Brains Tribe

International award-winning author of six children and young adult books, Wai is an academic powerhouse. With degrees from some of the most prestigious Universities in the world, this self-proclaimed nerd is a bookworm with passionate pursuits.

Find out more about Wai.

Get ready for the games to begin when Australian Survivor: Brains v Brawn premieres Sunday, 18th July at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 play on demand.