‘I Was Completely Blindsided’: Amy Ong Paid The Price For Refusing To Play It Safe

After a less than ideal Tribe Swap saw Amy fall to the bottom of her tribe, she continued to try and shake things up.

On Wednesday night, after a blunder of a blindside, it was Amy who found her torch getting snuffed. Despite having a comfortable alliance in her original tribe, for Amy the Tribe Swap was “just the worst day ever”.

“I looked onto my mat and I was like, there’s six of them and there’s four of us,” she told 10 play, “but also Sandra and Jordan don’t count in my four because they’ve just been reunited with their families so, ultimately it was just me and David.”

After the Red tribe lost the Immunity Challenge all talk turned to physical strength and, led by Josh, the tribe turned their focus to voting out Mel who they brandished the weak link. But Amy knew if she followed the majority, after Mel, she would be the next logical target.

“They just kept picking off the easy votes, the easy people, so I was like… I want to do something else,” Amy said.

So Amy attempted to blindside one of her closest allies from her original tribe, Jordan, in the hopes that she’d be able to topple a major physical threat as well as split up the last remaining family duo in her tribe.

“I knew how close Jordan and Josh were, like even before Tribe Swap because [Jordan] would always talk about him, I saw their interactions with each other. I was like, they need to be split up.”

With her sights set on splitting up the cousins, Amy tried to rally the numbers for a vote against Jordan.

“Obviously I spent a lot of time with Jordan and I got to understand his personality and his values. I knew that if I went after Josh, Jordan would never forgive me. He would go after me right away.

“Whereas the few times that I spoke with Josh, and the days I spent with him, he’s much more calm. I knew if I went for Jordan he probably would be okay with it.”

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to Amy, when she tried to get Shay to swing and vote with her, the plan was immediately reported back to Josh. From there, a retaliation blindside was hatched to vote out Amy.

“I was completely blindsided. I went into that Tribal Council thinking I had enough numbers, I spoke to enough people who had agreed with what I wanted to do,” Amy admitted.

Originally thinking there was just a tight four alliance, Amy underestimated how close the six were who had come over from the original Blue tribe during the swap.

“I think they thought the best thing for them to do was stick together. I thought I had Mel and Mark but I think I completely got that wrong,” she said.

“I definitely do think that it’s starting to become a boys club, so I’m really excited to see what happens next and if that’s the case and they start voting off the girls.”

After being voted off, many online lamented that Amy’s time in the game had come to an end, hoping to see her return to the world of Survivor in the future.

“It’s so funny,” she said of the ‘Justice for Amy’ comments that had rolled in. “If I did have the opportunity to play again I definitely would, but I think maybe give it a few years so I can fully prepare myself and win this time.

“I think I would train really hard. Someone called me weak, so I’m going to train and I’m going to come in next time and be like, you want strong? I’ll show you strong.”

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